8 Important Things Every Pakistani Needs to Realize (Photos)

Even being optimistic, one can see things that are not so good. In Pakistan, there are approx 200 million people and most of them is youth, and youth that is connected with global information systems where they read hundreds of good quotes and words of wisdom everyday, yet the country is there is lack of ethical practices in almost every discipline of life.

Even educated people behave like illiterates at times and that is why not even education is contributing at its best to society. Reasons are very simple, just need to be realized and once realized, they needed to be fixed. Following are few important things that every Pakistani needs to realize in order to improve the society and gross national prosperity.

1. Need to Set Their Priorities and Demands

1) Need to set their priorities and demands

2. Need to Re-Learn the True Spirit of Religion

2) Need to re-learn the true spirit of religion

3. Need to Know What They Receive is Whay They Rediate

3) Need to know that what they receive is what they radiate

4. Need to Realize That Not Caring About Others, Affects You Too

4) Need to realize that not caring about others, affects you too

5. Need to Realize That Change Begins from Within

5) Need to realize that change begins from within

6. Need to Realize That Others Matter Too

6) Need to realize that others matter too

7. Need to realize Their Power to Change Circumstances

7) Need to realize their power to change circumstances

8. Need to Realize That Today’s Greed Must Not Kill Tomorrow’s Development

8) Need to realize that today's greed must not kill tomorrow's development

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