17 Amazing Things You Never Knew You Could Do With Your Old CDs

Since pretty much all phones second as music devices nowadays, the use for CDs has all but diminished. We all have stacks of CDs sitting around, doing nothing but collecting dust, because we’ve already transferred the files to our iTunes. You could get rid of all of those CDs, OR (and I’m much more partial to this) you could use those CDs to make some pretty awesome crafts. Because of that beautiful, reflective, rainbow-catching back, a CD can make for some really great DIYs!

Take a look for yourself…

1. Melting a CD can make for a beautiful and funky bowl


2. Marbles and an old CD can make for a beautiful and reflective candle holder


3. A CD snowman face ornament can adorn your trees. Plus, it’s a great craft to do with the kiddos


4. Make an eye-catching lamp from a stack of CDs


5. Add a little bling to your collar


6. Make a dazzling ornament that will catch and reflect the lights on your Christmas tree


7. Keep your tables safe with CD coasters


8. Make a necklace


9. By painting a CD black and etching out a pattern, you can make beautiful wall art. This would be stunning when the sun shines in the room


10. You can make this stunning mirror frame by cutting (or smashing) up your old CDs and pasting them to the frame


11. You can make an all-year ornament like this owl with a CD and some common things like jar lids


12. Make a modern and funky ceiling lamp cover


13. How about a small and retro clock?


14. Who would ever think that this beautiful creation was made out of egg shells and a CD?!


15. A little crochet work makes these CDs dazzling art


16. Make a stunning flower garden pot


17. Make a statement door


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