Some Exotic Animals You Won’t Believe Exist In Pakistan

Some of the finest bird, reptile, and mammal species of the world make their home in Pakistan. Magnificent, colorful, and unique, these animals will make you wonder what else there is in this country that you are missing. Most of these animals are endangered; it is up to you to take a stand and protect what’s yours!

Indus River Dolphin


The Indus River Dolphin is found in the Lower Indus Basin. These friendly creatures are often seen jumping around boats and putting on performances for anyone that wants to watch. Although endangered, over a 1,000 of these marine mammals still remain in Pakistan.

Wooly Flying Squirrel


The Woolly Flying Squirrel is a nocturnal rodent native to the Gilgit region of Pakistan. This unique creature looks like a bat but is actually a squirrel. 1.5 to 2 feet in height, the flying squirrel is one of the largest squirrels in the world. Loss of natural habitat has seen them labeled as Critically Endangered Species.

Moon Bear


Kipling describes the Moon Bear as, “The most bizarre of the ursine species.” The bear makes its home in the Himalayas. Known as the Asian Black Bear, the crescent shaped, white patch on the chest has led to it being called the Moon Bear. Although herbivore by nature, it can be quite aggressive when defending its territory.

Snow Leapord


Native to the mountainous regions of Pakistan in Khyber Pakhtunkwa, this ferocious animal is the National Heritage Animal of Pakistan. Although smaller than the other “big cats”, the Snow Leopard weighs a respectable 30-70 kg. It is listed on IUCN’s List of Endangered Species.

White Headed Duck


This colorful duck can be found in open bodies of water across Pakistan. The adult male with its white head and blue bill is a sight to behold, one of the many miracles of nature. The females have a brown bill to go with the white head and brown body. The White Headed Duck has also recently become endangered due to a large decline in population.

Mugger Crocodile


Found in lakes and marshes around Karachi, the Mugger Crocodile is one of the largest, most ferocious creatures found in Pakistan. Once easily observable basking in the sunlight during summer months in places like Manghopir, the Mugger Croc has been hunted and killed for its hide and is now on the List of Endangered Species.

Fishing Cat


Cats are afraid of water, or so you thought. This incredible species of wildcat makes its home in Pakistan. Once, a common sight in wetlands, the population has dwindled due to the destruction of the cat’s natural habitat. As the name suggests, the Fishing Cat hunts fish. Not only that but it can also swim large distances upto 15-20 km, making it an astounding creature that needs to be marveled.

Siberian Ibex


The Siberian Ibex live above the tree line in Northern Pakistan. These heavily built goats boast large horns that grow upto 45 inches in height and a tan hide that keeps them warm in the cold climate.

Soft Shelled Turtle


The Soft Shelled Turtle or Trionychidae is one of the rarest types of turtle to have been found on Pakistan soil. This amazing reptile with its elongated snorkel-like nostrils and leathery shell is quite unique and easily distinguishable from other turtles.

The Blue Whale


The magnificent Blue Whale is one of the largest animals to have ever existed. It populates the Arabian Sea, growing upto sizes of 33 meters in length. If you are on a ship cruise and are really lucky, you might see the Whale passing you by as a huge shadow under the sea.

Siberian Crane


The Siberian Crane is a common migratory bird of the South Asian region. The snow white body, long legs and beak make it one of the most attractive birds that are found here. Unfortunately a loss of natural habitat and pollution has seen the numbers decline, but flocks can still be observed making their way into the country during the winter season.

Marco Polo Sheep


The spiraling horns of the Marco Polo Sheep make it stand out from the rest! Their horns measure upto 1.9 meters making them the longest horns of all sheep in the world.

Red Fox


The Red Fox remains a favorite amongst all animal lovers across the world. A striking red coat and the trademark fox features make it an admirable sight. The little carnivores travel in small families and can be real troublesome for farmers, hunting down chicken and other farm animals.

Himaliyan Monal Pheasant


The national bird of Nepal, the Himalayan Monal Pheasant is also found in the Himalayan regions of Pakistan. The multicolored plumage of the male is one of the most striking fusions of colors that you will ever see; a dash of Blue, Purple, Green, Orange, Yellow and much more. There aren’t enough colors on an artist’s palette to reproduce such a masterpiece.



This majestic animal is the largest member of the goat family and is the National Animal of Pakistan. Beautiful horns and hide have made it one of the most popular game animals in the Country. It is currently classified as endangered by the IUCN as only 2,500 Markhor adults remain.

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