John Abraham’s Different Hair Styles

It is a privilege to be known by a particular style statement in Bollywood. For example, Salman is known by his ripped jeans and Being Human t-shirts, John Abraham is known for his different hairstyles. You must admit that John Abraham is blessed with hair to be proud of. No wonder he can do so much with it. The long black and whispy locks that he had during his modeling career have been replaced by a stylish crop now.

Lets track down John Abraham’s hairstyles from his first screen appearance till date.


John Abraham’s Best And Worst Hairstyles:

Lost in His Long Locks:


John Abraham made long hair for men a raging fashion trend. When he appeared for the first time in the Castrol advertisement with flowing long hair, long hair for men were scored upon. By the time he had chopped his long locks, long hair for men was already a raging fashion trend. Then there was MS Dhoni to carry the mantle from John.

Back Brushed Boy:


Finally, John Abraham got bored with hair that was so long. But, he did not have the heart to chop off his hair totally. He settled to set his long hair by back brushing. You must have noticed in movies like Jism and Paap. A distinct celebrity hairstyle but not smart enough.

The Psycho Look:


There was a time when John Abraham did a middle partition with his semi long hair. It was the dark psychotic look he had put on for the movie Aetbaar. This celebrity got a bad name but, may be his role demanded such a scary look! It was a dirty and grimy; well suited to the character but not to John’s super star image. This one was no doubt, John Abraham’s worst hairstyle.

The Dhoom Look:


John Abraham was at the zenith of his good hair days when he did Dhoom 1. His hair was cut in a straight line at shoulder length, held in place by a bandana or a hair band. This hairstyle made his female fans go crazy! It is the best hairstyle that John Abraham has ever sported. It has been copied and improvised upon by many ardent fans.

The Cool Crop:


The cool and casual look that John sports now is a stylised version of the crop cut. His hair is closely cropped on the sides and allowed to grow long around the crown. He has sported his new look in many movies including Dostana. The crop cut lends some maturity to John’s image as he is no longer a boy. The biker dude is now pushing 40! These hairstyles include some of the best and worst looks that John Abraham has carried till date. Which do you think is the best hairstyle sported by this celebrity?


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