These 11 Females From Pakistan Are Breaking More Stereotypes Than You Can Imagine

1. Zahra Afridi

This Hardcore Interior Designer runs her own company with her latest project being the Classic Rock Coffee Café in Islamabad. She also happens to have kick-boxing training, which is a very unconventional field for Pakistani women to be in. Are all the Afridis this talented?
01Zahra Afridi1
01Zahra Afridi2
01Zahra Afridi3

2. Sana Mir

Pakistan’s Women’s National Cricket Team Captain. She gave up her admission in an engineering degree to pursue this passion.
02Sana Mir1
02Sana Mir2
02Sana Mir3
02Sana Mir4

3. Samina Baig

First Pakistani woman to climb K2.
03Samina Baig1
03Samina Baig2
03Samina Baig3

4. Namira Salim

First Pakistani woman to to have reached the North and South Pole. She is also the first Asian and first Pakistani to skydive over Mount Everest but best of all, Namira, is the first Pakistani woman to travel into space
04Namira Salim1
04Namira Salim2
04Namira Salim3

5. Naadiya Manzur

Director of Treehouse Nursey and Kindergarten, Naadiya Manzur is a visionary.
05Naadiya Manzur1
With an unconventional setup and choice of subjects and skills being taught at this nursery
05Naadiya Manzur2

6. Erum Ahmed and Aleena Raza

The mother daughter duo responsible for managing ‘So Kamal’ Textile retail brand in Faisalabad and Karachi
06Erum Ahmed and Aleena Raza1
06Erum Ahmed and Aleena Raza2
06Erum Ahmed and Aleena Raza3
06Erum Ahmed and Aleena Raza4

7. Zainab Abbas

Runs her own Fitness studio in Lahore after getting training from Bangkok
07Zainab Abbas

8. Ansa Hasan

Marketing Manager at Porsche Pakistan
08Ansa Hasan1
08Ansa Hasan2
08Ansa Hasan3

9. Nazia Parveen

Rock Climber from FATA, Nazia Parveen doesn’t believe in giving up dreams.
09Nazia Parveen1
09Nazia Parveen2
09Nazia Parveen3

10. Ayesha Farooq

This 26 year old is Pakistan’s first ever war-ready female fighter pilot from Bahawalpur.
010Ayesha Farooq1
010Ayesha Farooq2
010Ayesha Farooq3
010Ayesha Farooq4

11. Fatima Kasuri

Educationalist and Model – Mother in law is Founder of Beaconhouse School System while she is the CEO
011Fatima Kasuri1
011Fatima Kasuri2

These women are making a name for themselves and making us proud all the while. More power to you… Keep Breaking Stereotypes.

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