Healthy Ramadan Meal Plan

Healthy Ramadan meal plan

These healthy meal ideas will give you a varied and balanced diet during Ramadan. They include ingredients from the five major food groups.

The meal plan has been written by medical experts in consultation with Islamic scholars.

Fluids (water and juices) and dates should be added to each Suhoor (pre-dawn meal) and Iftar (dinner – the meal that ends the day’s fast). The fast is broken with dates, followed by dinner.


Option 1: a bowl of porridge with milk, one slice of toast and a handful of unsalted nuts

Option 2: wheat-based cereal with milk, a plain scone or crumpet, and an apple or banana

Option 3: a bowl of shredded wheat or muesli and a pear or orange

Option 4: cheese, then one teaspoon of jam with crackers or toast, and a handful of dried fruits


Option 1: pitta bread with chicken, salad and hummus, and one or two pieces of baklava

Option 2: chicken with boiled rice, vegetable curry and mixed salad, followed by fruit salad with single cream

Option 3: baked fish with roasted vegetables, or fish curry with rice followed by sweet vermicelli or one piece of jalebi

Option 4: pasta cooked with vegetables and chicken or fish, and a slice of plain cake with custard

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