USB Gadgets in Pakistan

USB (Universal Serial Bus) is the term that was originated back in 90’s, when computer manufacturers realized its importance as an external source for inputting data with high transfer rates.

As USB is best and fastest available external port, which does not require any special installation or knowledge, but its plug and start playing attribute gave USB a token that no other computer port ever got. Realizing that fact, USB has become a major industry for manufacturing computer gadgets especially in PNP mode.

Let me share some of cool gadgets that are available online and even in Pakistan.

USB Coffee Cup Warmers:

01USB Coffee Cup Warmers

The usb coffee cup warmer is basically round shaped plate of steel covered with insulated material around and it can prevent coffee or tea cup to get cold and it keeps tea/coffee hot on a certain temperature. The USB coffee cup warmer is easily available in major cities like Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad at Rs. 200 /- only. Even you can buy it online from But please make sure that u must have flat surface cup to keep it warm for longer period of time.

USB Mini Refrigerator / Warmers:

02USB mini refrigerator, warmers

The usb mini refrigerator / warmers do the both things; it can cool your water or boil your tea. It is available allover Pakistan @ Rs. 700/-

USB Toaster:

03USB Toaster

USB toaster does exactly the same as toast cooker. It can be very handy while in office or during traveling with your laptop. It is also available all over Pakistan @ Rs. 1200/-

USB Light Lamps:

04USB light lamps

The usb light lamps are 6 to 8 high light LED lamp, which are as powerful as one 25 W savor light. It is available in Pakistan @ Rs. 500/-

USB Cooling fans:

05USB Cooling fans

One USB cooling fan is enough for one person using laptop and remaining itself cool even in high temperature. It is available in Pakistan @ Rs. 600/-

USB Ashtray:


Say No to smoke while using USB Ashtray you can preserve its smoke in ashtray as room will remain clean – it and it work as stub –collector. It is available in Pakistan @ Rs. 1200/-

USB Fragrance Dispenser:

07USB Fragrance Dispenser

It is auto air freshener for atmosphere around you. You can set the time for fragrance dispersion and it will automatically fill the atmosphere with pleasant fragrances. I don’t know it is available in Pakistan or not.

Well, there are lots of other usb gadgets available all over the world, and the good thing is they are making our lives easy while we are on the go.

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