Three Lipstick Shades for All Skintones

Whether you are new to the world of lipsticks or an addict like numbers of, you’ll have problems finding lipstick shades that will suit you. Usually people are intimidated by the opaque coverage given by lipsticks, opting for lip glosses, especially by women conscious of their skin tones. Well ladies, what if I were to say that there are three shades of lipsticks that suit every skin tone from the porcelain fair to the bronzey dark? Yes it’s true. Tried and tested, three colors have stood out that suit any shade of skin, so whether beginner or expert, make sure you have these in your collection.

Light Pink


Let this not be confused with pastel light pink or bright pink! This is a rather neutral pink a shade lighter than the general, better known as a matte rose pink. Perfect for day time, this shade will instantly freshen up your face. This shade in the opaque means it will be bold compared to a sheer toned gloss, so is the perfect balance, right between bold and subtle. For the everyday look, a light layer of muted rose blush and a chocolate brown liner will have you looking pretty for work.



People get confused with what exactly the shade coral is. It’s usually confused with the orange. However, coral is sort of a hue of orange and pink. Coral is one of those shades that look soft on some skin tones and loud on others, but no matter what the result, it will definitely suit you. You’ll have to keep check on the impact it makes on your skin and pair the rest of the make up accordingly. However, lovers of coral lipsticks adore completing the look with a peachy orange blush slightly over done to give the face a post-workout freshness, hence this vibrant energized feel to the whole get up.

Deep Red


A deep red (also called wine red) is that one of the lipstick shades we all are quite timid to try. It seems too bold, too daring, so vampy even. You may worry if the shade suits your outfit or the occasion, but what you should never worry about is whether it will suit your skin tone. Because (suspense music) it will! A deep red is a bold fashion statement in itself, the confidence it brings creates an attitude and grace within you which you won’t understand how it came but you’ll be glad it did! An evening out is the best time to wear the red lip. Go ahead and pair the look with a thin winged eyeliner and you will look elegant and mysterious, ready to take on the world.

So there you have it! Three lipstick shades your makeup collection should never miss. For the novice makeup lovers these are excellent shades to start with, since they are proven to suit you, you will never worry about the wrong choice but more on how to complete looks and which outfits to pair up with. Go ahead and check out these shades on yourself! You’ll know I have not failed you!

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