10 of the Most Haunted or Mysterious Places of Pakistan

Pakistan has many awe-inspiring mysterious or haunted places waiting to be discovered and explored. From fierce fairies, restless spirits to haunted graveyards. There are several destinations in Pakistan that have an air of mystery about them.

If you are into mysteries and myths, you will get a kick out of these bone-chilling, but terrifyingly beautiful places. Take a look!



The name of the mountain Chiltan or Chehel-Tan actually means ‘forty bodies’, it has been derived Persian/Balochi. The story related to the mountain is about a couple that lived many years ago in the vicinity of the mountain. It is said that the couple had married, and were not blessed with an offspring for many years after their marriage. As time passed the couple grew desperate for a child and started resorting to methods other than natural.

This peak is said to be haunted by not one, but forty ghosts. The spirits of the forty babies, who were placed on the summit of the mountain, disappeared the following morning and were never to be seen again.

Makli Graveyard:


The World’s Largest Cemetery, unlike any other grave yard, it’s is on the Hill a kilo meter next to Thatta city province Sindh of Pakistan and it is 90km from Karachi on the Route ( N5, National Highway Authority ) Makli Grave yard in Radius cover over 8 KM having over 125,000 graves. You can drive your vehicle inside, because there are paths and even proper roads since ancient time, tombs and monuments even have the doors and not just this, some are double story as well. At first anyone can not able to understand that is it a grave yard or a city. because roads made up of bricks and monuments like houses are certainly not someone expects from cemetery. There is a history of it and all the sufi saints, rulers, warriors, women, children and God knows who else. Makli became an unsolved myth. Makli graveyard have millions of stories inside.

Shehr-e-Roghan, Bela, Balochistan:


This marvelous ancient cave city is spread over an area of 2-3 KM. The fantastic cave houses made of rocks is perhaps the largest collection of such individual style. And amazingly these thousands of cave houses are multi storey which are inter connected with each other through walkways. Mostly every cave house consists of a single room and some of them have a veranda in front of them. Many myths are attributed to this mysterious place. Some locals believe Shehr-e-Roghan to be the city of ghosts. Some people also link this place with the thousands years old legend of Saiful Malook and Badiul Jamal.

Mohatta Palace:


Mohatta Palace is located in Clifton Karachi, considered the most beautiful and ancient architecture that attracts tourists and local residents. Other than its beautiful exterior and interior, Mohatta Palace is said to be a haunted place for many years, people who take care of the palace have observed some unseen helping hands for maintaining the palace. The picture frames, the flower pots, the sofas and chairs are placed properly all by itself not by the workers but some other unseen force. Apart from tales of the palace being haunted, the secret passage leading out of the building is the most popular of all.

Mohenjo Daro:


The Indus Valley civilization was entirely unknown until 1921, when excavations in what would become Pakistan revealed the cities of Harappa and Mohenjo Daro.

This mysterious culture emerged nearly 4,500 years ago and thrived for a thousand years, profiting from the highly fertile lands of the Indus River floodplain and trade with the civilizations of nearby Mesopotamia.

Mohenjo Daro is like a treasure on the land of Pakistan. The houses, streets, pools etc. all are the part of the Mohenjo Daro treasure. The original name of this historical land is unknown whereas Mohenjo Daro is used as a new name to represent this place. Mohenjo Daro means Mound of the Dead. This site is similar with the Harappan civilization up to some extent, because the signs of Urban Revolutions are also founded in Mohenjo Daro. Mohenjodaro is located near Karachi.

Mohenjo Daro is the wonder in the province of Sindh, Pakistan. This site has an important place in the eyes of archeologists, because it reveals the secrets of past Indus civilization. The place was developed probably between 1900 and 2600 BCE and was one of the largest city of old Indus civilization. With the passage of time many of the discoveries have been made in Mohenjo Daro. There are no proper information regarding the name of this place but it simply called Mount of Dead. According to the researchers Mohenjo Daro was the most developed and advance city of its times, which can be easily seen through the design discoveries of the area. Mohenjo Daro discoveries were made in different time. Most recent ware made in 1964-1965. The findings include the Gold, Silver and jasper ornaments, toys of the children’s, art figures & tools used in different purposes etc. There are two of most important and interesting things found in the streets of Mohenjo Daro. A statue of dancing girl and statue of Priest king, which reflecting the beauty of Mohenjo Daro in form of a living place of multi religion people in the past. This place of Mohenjo Daro importantly talks about not only the history of architecture in mankind but also create a sense for the ancient people likings, way of livings, preferences, religious influences and many other factors which all together build up a society.

Kalabagh Dam:


The Dam is a place to avoid during the night. The locals of the area have spotted a woman lurking around the dam. If seen, be careful not to gaze at her too for long otherwise she may attack. Here a lady who is very fat and with a small length. Her hair are too long. She attacks if gazed by someone.



In Pashtun folktales, Koh-e-Sulaiman, the highest summit of the Takht-i-Sulaiman, is said to be associated with Prophet Solomon. Ibn-e-Batuta, a Muslim historian and traveller, claimed that Prophet Solomon was the first person ever to reach the peak of the mountain. Not only that, Prophet Noah and his followers supposedly settled there after the flood.

Chaukhandi Tombs:


Chaukhandi Tombs is an ancient Islamic graveyard located approximately 29 km east of Karachi. The centuries-old cemetery is now abandoned and contain graves of kings and queens. The word is – when the sun goes down, the graves begin to burn up and turn scalding hot. This is accompanied by ghostly apparitions and screams of the restless spirits.

Peer Chattal Noorani Gandhawa:


Located in Jhal Magsi, Balochistan, Peer Chattal Noorani Gandhawa is a breathtaking oasis with a terrible secret. It is flourishing with two feet long fish that can cause a humiliating and painful death to those who cause them harm. Would you dare to take a swim?

Lake Saif-ul-Muluk:


Centuries ago, Prince of Persia and the Fairy Princess of the lake fell in love. Unfortunately, the Fairy Princess was betrothed to the Demon. When the Demon heard the news, he murdered the lovers. To this day, the mountain fairies visit the lake to mourn the tragic demise of the lovers.

Near the Lake is a cave, where mobile phones and torches fail to work. The answer to this dilemma remains a mystery, but it’s most probably due to supernatural interference.

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