How To Look Good in Selfies

Let’s admit it! We live in the age of selfies, it has become a part of our lives.

So it’s about time you get to know how to take a great selfie. And not just that but how to look good in a selfie.

How To Look Good in Selfie

Let’s read some really effective tips to do just that!

1. Flip Your Hair Out

Doing a hair toss is one way to add volume to your hair before taking a picture. This will add lift to your hair as suggested by a hair stylist. Do a hair flip over, whip if back and then allow strands to slide forward naturally.

2. Be Aware of Your Makeup

Selfies are so close up, so any makeup that settles into fine lines around your nose, mouth and eyes are so obvious. Stick to shadows and cream blushes because they blend into the skin easily and tend to look softer in shots.

3. Be Slow and Steady

Go slow and steady, concentrate on positioning first before taking your shot.

4. Check Your Background

Before clicking that button at least check your background first. You want your selfie to capture the real you and not your unmade bed, dirty room or laundry, Chooses a simple but great background that will not distract your viewer from focusing on your image.

A natural light is always better than an artificial one. Light-bulbs can make your skin tone look off and may give you under-eye bags. If you are taking a picture indoors, stand near a window since the sun casts less shadow.

5. This is the Time to be A Poser

Know what pose works well for you. Also know your best angle, smile and show your best feature.

Turning your head slightly to one side hides any sign of a double chin and makes your face seem thinner. Another one is to raise the camera just above your line of sight and steady your gaze on the lens. But don’t share!

6. Do As the Models Do

Follow the lead of models. put your phone high above your head and away from you at a 45 degree angle. This will make you slim and trim.

7. Let There be Light

Then step outside if you want your selfies to shine. Early morning or late afternoon is the ideal time for lighting.

Also avoid reversing the on your phone so that you can see yourself. This may result to low quality photo.

8. Get Your Angles Right

As mentioned above, play in front of the mirror to know which angles are most pleasing for you face.

Most people looked best when their face is tilted at a slight angle to the camera, as opposed to straight on. Favor the left side of your face, if your nose curves to the lest. Otherwise, the curve of your nose may be greatly exaggerated. if emotional engagement is what you’re looking for, directly to the lens is the best eye line.

9. Have Fun

Take your time when taking a selfie. Find and exhaust all the possibilities. Be creative and imaginative as you can be. Selfies are supposed to be FUN anyway.


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