Tips to Remove Makeup Stains

It’s happened to us at the worst possible time, either you’re running late and end up smudging your lipstick on your shirt or dropped your foundation on your carpet. Removing makeup stains can be extremely tough to remove.

Regardless of where you’ve spilled or smudged your makeup, immediately removing it with oil will lift the color and prevent a tough stain. We’ve listed some tough stain removal tips to help you remove them. Don’t panic the next this happens to you!

Lipstick and Eyeliners


Liquid detergent will cut grease and oil from a lipstick. Blot off the lipstick stain quickly with a clean damp cloth first then apply the detergent and blot it gently. Do not rub the stain.



Always use an oil to break down mascara. Apply any oil while the stain is dry and blot the oil off with a cotton ball. Then wash the fabric or carpet stain with detergent.

Foundation and Creams


Always use liquid soaps to remove oil-based makeup. Allow it to dissolve the stain by applying it while the stain is fresh. Always blot off the residue with a clean cloth while the liquid soap cuts down the stains.


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