Who Attacked Junaid Jamshed at Islamabad Airport? Here is Complete Detail

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As renowned religious scholar Junaid Jamshed has filed a request with Islamabad Police for registration of FIR against unnamed people who attacked him at Islamabad Airport, the identities of some assaulter have also been revealed.

According to information available with Daily Pakistan Global, one of the attackers maintains identity as Nehal Riyaz, and he has posted several videos of his group’s activity at the airport on facebook as well.

His comments on one of his video posts reads “Yea Hamara Hi Group Tha [This was our group],” when another user asked him about the attackers of Junaid Jamshed.


Another check-in information shared on his facebook profile also confirms that Nehal Riyaz was present at Islamabad Airport.


Other information available on his facebook profile confirms that he is a resident of Karachi, runs his own business and remained a student at Saint Patrick College, Karachi.


Meanwhile other information circulating online has exposed identities of several other attackers as well.


In his application with Police, Junaid Jamshed said that he would be able to recognise the attackers if he would see them again. He, however, has not named any of his assaulter.

Earlier, a video being circulated online showed on Sunday morning singer-turned-religious scholar Junaid Jamshed being manhandled by a group of people at Islamabad Airport.

The video shows Jamshed surrounded by a group of people, and afterwards being thrashed by them as well.

A person can also be heard saying “Shabash [Well done]” in the latter part of video. Another voice says “Kya Aap Berdasht Karain Gay Koi Aap Ki Maa Kou Gaali Day? [Will you tolerate if anyone abused your mother?],” while Junaid Jamshed can be seen along with security personnel in this part of video.

According to witnesses, the incident took place when Junaid Jamshed arrived at the airport while a group of people was also present there. Upon Jamshed’s arrival, crowd started calling him a blasphemer and finally started beating him. Personnel of Airport Security Force (ASF), however, successfully took him away with them.

It is also relevant to be mentioned here that an old video of Junaid Jamshed had resurfaced last year on internet, which enraged several religious groups which called him a blasphemer on the basis of video’s contents.

A petition was also filed against him, however court refused to order registration of FIR against him, while instructing police to record the accused’s statement in this regard.

However, in another video, the singer.turned-religious scholar expressed deep grief over his mistake and said that he had repented his action. He also tendered a public apology in the video.

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