What If WWE Stars Were Replaced By Bollywood Cast

Here is the list of pictures that decrypts if WWE stars were replaced by Bollywood Cast.

1-Akshay Kumar & Shawn Michaels

Akshay Kumar & Shawn Michaels

2-Sanjay Dutt & Kane

Sanjay Dutt & Kane

3-Salman Khan & John Cena

Salman Khan & John Cena

4-Varun Dhawan & The Rock

Varun Dhawan & The Rock

5-Ranvir Singh & Seth Rollins

Ranvir Singh & Seth Rollins

6-Arjun Kapoor & Roman Reigns

Arjun Kapoor & Roman Reigns

7-Aamir Khan & Rey Mysterio

Aamir Khan & Rey Mysterio

8-Sonu Sood & Randy Orton

Sonu Soon & Randy Orton

9-John Abraham & HHH

John Abraham & HHH

10-Ram Kapoor & Big Show

Ram Kapoor & Big Show


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