Tallest Wrestlers Ever

Eli Cottonwood


Eli Cottonwood is one of the rising stars in wrestling world whose real name is Kipp Christianson . You might have not seen or heard about him much because he is not on the screen much till now. Eli Cottonwood was the contender WWE NXT program in which he was eliminated in the 8th week of his trial among the rest of WWE NXT members. Eli Cottonwood has been in the professional wrestling from last 3 years but till now he has not gained that recognition level which the other wrestling giants have achieved. The height of Kipp Christianson is exact 7 feet with the body weight of 138 kg (304 lb).

Big Show


Big Show is one of the most popular wrestling giant of the current era with many titles and achievements in wrestling industry. The real name of Big Show is Paul Randall Wight, Jr but almost 99 % of his fans or viewers just know him by his ring name which is the Big Show. Big Show started his professional wrestling career in 1995 and just like many other giants, the huge height and physique structure of Big Show became one of the major sources of his popularity. In his career till now Big Show has made many brutal fights including the blood bash fights as well and most of the times have shown remarkable strength performances in many different ways. One of the most popular strength scenes of Big Show was when he lifted and rolled over a 4200 pound car just with bare hands. The height of Big Show is exact 7 feet and the weight is 220 kg (485 lb).

Andre The Giant


One or the most memorable giant in wrestling world was Andre The Giant. A man who deserves to be called a giant with frightening looks and face expressions, A giant who is first impression in the ring gives the feeling to his opponent that he is going smash me out today. Thats right, Andre The Giant a French professional wrestler had all these qualities but on the other hand out of the ring he was a good friend and a nice natured person and the one people would love to be around because of his friendly nature. At one stage in wrestling world Andre The Giant was one of the biggest attraction in his time because people have not seen such a massive giant in the ring before and they loved him. Most of the wrestling fans still remember each and every glimpse of his last match with Hulk Hogan. Andre The Giant was exact 7 feet according to many documentaries made on him. Lots of wrong information in available on internet about Andre The Giant in which most of them have stated him even as 7 feet 5 inches as well but the exact height of Andre The Giant was exact 7 feet with the weight of 230 kg (507 lb). Andre The Giant was one of the most recognizable sports celebrity of the 20th century along with the professional boxer Muhammad Ali.

Ron Reis


Ron Reis is an American professional wrestler mostly known for his epic and appealing appearances in wrestling matches. Whenever the name Ron Reis comes in mind than no doubt the 90s wrestling fans gets an image of a huge tall mummy walking in to the arena to fight its opponents. Ron Reis was also very much popular by his ring names which were Reese, The Yeti, Big Ron Studd. The height of Ron Reis was 7 feet 1 inch with the body weight of 166 kg (366 lb). His super giant ninja moves were the most popular of him.

Giant Silva


Giant Silva was one of the most known brutal wrestlers ever who would not hesitate to break the bones and crush out its opponent for a win. One major thing which made him wrestle so much brutally was the attitude and respect by his opponents in matches which not only emotionally hurt him but also made him a kind of monstrous personality. The huge Brazilian Giants real name was Paulo Cesar Da Silva who was a national Basket ball team player of Brazil and a mixed martial artist before jumping in to wrestling world. Currently apart from being in the list of top 10 tallest wrestlers of the world, Giant Silva holds the record of being the tallest professional kick boxer as well. The exact height of Giant Silva is 7 feet and 2 inches with the body weight of 175 kg (385lb).

Kurt Zehe


Wrestling has never been the same from centuries and so do the wrestlers. Most of the people are not even aware of Kurt Zehe but as we are talking about the tallest wrestlers ever so his name comes on the list. Kurt Zehe was a German Heavy weight wrestler born in January 1913 and was brought to UK by a promoter to fight with the known and popular boxer of that time named Jack Doyale in 1952. As his career didnt pulled up his name very well even as being a German heavy weight champion than Kurt Zehe changed his professional line and started working in to movies for gigantic scary roles. The exact height of this enormous giant was 7 feet and 2 inches with the body weight of 181 kg (399 lb).

Trapper John


Silo Sam, Big John Harris or Trapper John which ever ring name you remember out of these refers to a unique American wrestling giant whose real name was John Elmo Harris. The height of this giant wrestler was 7 feet 3 inches with the weight of 175 kg (386 lb). There is lot of wrong information provided on internet about the height and weight of John Elmo Harris, so do not get confused about it. One interesting thing about Silo Sam was his ring costume and attitude which resembles more like an angry farm guy desperate to cut its crops.

The Great Khali


The real name of Indian giant The Great Khali is Dalip Singh Rana who started his professional wrestling career in 2000 at All Pro Wrestling in United States. After a long up and down wrestling tours of the world The Great Khali finally came to WWE which was the biggest dream of his life to face the most popular wrestling stars of the world in the ring. There r some misconceptions about the height of The Great Khali but his real height 7 feet 3 inches and the weight of this giant is 210 kg (463 lb). Apart from being just a professional wrestler The Great Khali is now taking interest in movies as an actor also and has made some appearances in Bollywood movies. In the current era The Great Khali is one of the major assets of WWE and no doubt the strength of this gigantic person makes him stand out of the crowd even in professional wrestlers. In 2007 The Great Khali became the world heavyweight champion of WWE and despite of being the world heavy weight champion The Great Khali has won many other championships and titles as well in WWE.

Paul Bunyan


Paul Bunyan was not a renowned and popular wrestler and his wrestling span of time was also very less but in fact he was a professional wrestler who was extremely tall as compared to other wrestlers. Paul Bunyan was born in a small town of Mississippi called Ponotoc and his real name was Max Palmer. He started his career as an actor in the beginning for performing giant related roles in many movies but later on he started professional wrestling as well but due to the excess use of Alcoholic drinks Paul Bunyan was not able to continue his wrestling career for a longer span of time. The exact height of Paul Bunyan was 7 ft 7 inches (2.31 m) and he weighed 195 kg (430 lb)

Giant Gonzalez


Giant Gonzalez was an Argentine wrestler weighing 190 kg (419 lb) and a massive tall height of 7 ft 7.25 inches (2.32 m). The real name of Giant Gonzalez was Jorge Gonzales but just like many other wrestlers, very less people were aware of his real name. Most of the people just know his ring names which were Giant Gonzalez and El Gigante. Giant Gonzalez started his wrestling career in 1989 and soon gained lot of fame due to his extra ordinary tall height and strength. Giant Gonzalez was one of the most frightening and tallest wrestler ever existed. Obviously his tall height was the worst nightmare for many wrestlers because along with being tall he was extremely strong as well with remarkable hand power to faint his opponent just from the bare hand by applying grip pressure on the head. Whenever the name Giant Gonzalez would be taken than no doubt the Wrestle Mania 9 wrestling match comes to our minds between the undertaker and Giant Gonzalez. In simple and straight forward words Giant Gonzalez was the tallest wrestler ever in wrestling industry.


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    Others are Killer Kowalski Jr. at 7-2, Bull Moose Calhoun at 7-3, Garry Robbins the Canadian Paul Bunyan at 7-5, Thunder at 7-0, Titan at 7-0, Tiger Steele (Giant Warrior) at 7-0.

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