Best Hangout Places For Kids In Karachi

You will hardly ever come across a kid who does not look forward to visiting fun places with family and friends during weekends and holidays. Here is a list of worth exploring places for kids in Karachi, where they can get a chance to enjoy themselves and increase their knowledge at the same time:

1. The National Museum Of Pakistan


The National Museum of Pakistan houses historical items that reflect our country’s heritage, culture, religion and traditional arts and crafts. The historic and Islamic sections help children gain information about early Arab settlements as well as a worth seeing Quran gallery. The freedom movement gallery, on the other hand, depicts the struggle for independence from the British rule. Moreover, there are various collections of sculptures, statues, books and old coins preserved in the museum that provide children an opportunity to learn about different eras.

2. PAF Museum


In the midst of lush green lawns at main Shahra-e-Faisal lies the PAF Museum, which incorporates a large number of aircraft designs, representing the evolution of Pakistan Air Force. Additionally, the museum is known for its some rare relics like Quaid-e-Azam’s aircraft and an Indian aircraft captured during an Indo-Pak war. Children not only get a chance to learn about the history of PAF but also enjoy the rides at the fun land adjacent to the museum. The nominal entry fee and availability of delicious snacks and refreshments at in-house food stalls make the museum a treat for kids of all ages.

3. Arena


Arena is a one of its kind enjoyment facility that provides fun and entertainment to children and adults alike. Situated on main Karsaz Road, the place is jam-packed at all times, offering a variety of activities and food outlets under a single roof. At Arena, children can enjoy physical activities such as ice skating, paintball, bowling, rock climbing as well as unleash their tech savvy side in the gaming zone. With coin operated rides for younger children, parents can rest assured that their kids, no matter what age group, will get a healthy dose of amusement at Arena.

4. The Beach


The beaches of Karachi are among the most frequented places for people who want recreation at an affordable price. Particularly, Sea View has been a popular place for families with kids, providing them a chance to enjoy the ocean along with extra entertainment in the form of an amusement park, camel, horse and motor rides, displays of handicrafts and food stalls laden with kids’ favorite snacks. The installation of a beautiful fountain in the middle of the sea, a few kilometers down the road from Sea View, is another sight to behold, especially when lit up at night.

5. Maritime Museum


The Maritime Museum portrays Pakistan country’s naval heritage. The museum is divided into numerous sections, including a lush green lawn that houses replicas of the famous sea monuments and vessels, a beautiful marine life gallery, a collection of artifacts that reflect the history of sea trade as well as Pakistan Navy’s achievements, a computerized orientation lobby, an art gallery, a segment of the Daphne submarine among many other things. Educational and recreational at the same time, a visit to the Maritime Museum can be a great learning experience for children.

6. Mohatta Palace


Marked by its signature pink stone facade, Mohatta Palace is the rebuilt version of an Anglo-Mughal Palace. The palace, which has now been converted into a museum, was once owned by Ms. Fatima Jinnah. Children visiting the palace museum can not only get a chance to know about the cultural heritage of Pakistan but can also learn about the magnificent art and architectural pieces of old times.

7. Dreamworld Resort


Located in Karachi’s outskirts, Dream World Resort is one of the most happening places the city. Some of its most popular include a golf course, a water park with amazing slides, swimming pools, motor riding, parks with a plethora of swings along with a huge range of outdoor and indoor sporting facilities. A true depiction of its name, it is definitely the kind of world that children dream of.

8. Sindbad Wonderland


Sindbad Wonderland offers a very economical source of recreation, fun and entertainment for children of all ages. This amusement facility comprises electronic games, water rides, a roller coaster, bumping cars and a 4D cinemas, all of which are favorites among the kids. The addition of eateries within the premises contribute towards making it the ultimate place for you and your kids’ entertainment.

9. Eat-A-Boo


Eat-a-Boo is a restaurant-cum-recreational outlet for kids between the ages of 2 to 8. With its comfortable, hygienic and colorful ambiance, children get a chance to feed their tummies with delicious meals of their choice, play games, dance to music and watch 3D movies. It also provides a separate area to celebrate and organize fun-filled birthday parties.

10. Go Aish


Go Aish is an adventure resort right adjacent to Safari Park. This place is for kids who love daring activities. With required safety measures and up to date equipment in place, Go Aish provides children with the thrilling experiences of wall climbing, quad biking and paint-balling, which are rarely found in any other entertainment park of Karachi.

11. Kidz Club


Kidz Klub, located in Clifton Block-4, is an entertainment and enrichment center for kids aged 0 to 10 years. They offer children the fun playtime under supervision. If you have an urgent task to do and wondering where to leave your kids then kidz club is the place.

12. Play Pod


PlayPod, at atrium mall, is a place full of enjoyment and excitement for children where they have free access to ELC Toys and Krazy Castle. They can play with toys, learn, explore, and enjoy a fun filled world of edutainment while you take a break. At PlayPod, children will not only have fun, they will also learn physical, mental, social and emotional development skills by interacting and playing with other children.

13. Kitchen Heroes


Kitchen Heroes is the place where your kid can learn artwork and cooking. If your kid likes helping you in the kitchen and has shown interest in cooking then kitchen heroes is the place to enhance your kid’s cooking skills. Kitchen hereos is located at Daud Pota Road, Cantt.

14. Literary junction


The concept behind LJ is simple, yet effective. Every month, they give your child an award-winning book to read and keep. Twice a week your child attends creative workshops that are designed around the book to help develop your child’s enthusiasm for reading. These books are part of the North American curriculum and are being shipped especially for LJ. They are currently catering to children between the 3rd and 6th grade only. But they also have a Summer Program that includes children from first and second grade as well. LJ is located at Khayaban-e-Muslim, phase 6, DHA.

15. Kidz Dunya


KidzDunya is an interactive theme park for families that empowers, inspires and educates kids through real-life role-playing activities. That being said, fun still remains the most essential ingredient of any activity recipe. Child-driven, hands-on experiential learning equips your kids with the confidence necessary to succeed in today’s challenging world by enabling them to experience the future, they are given the tools to navigate through the journey of life.

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