Beautiful Siri Lake, Shogran


Also known as Siri, Paye Lake Siri lake is situated 06KM away from Shogran in Siri, on the way to Payee in Kaghan Valley, Pakistan. It is located at the height of 8572 feet (2612 meters). This is a beautiful lake is located in the Kaghan valley near the popular tourists place Shogran.

Surrounding, Area & Location:

Siri, Paye Lake is situated near Shogran in the Kaghan Valley in Pakistan. It is located at the height of almost 3,000 m (10,000 feet). The lake is surrounded by mighty mountains like Makra Peak, Moosa da Musalla, and mountains of Kaghan valley. Located in the Kaghan Valley, Shogran is a plateau that lies at an amazing 7,749 feet above sea level. Siri Lake is a small lake like pond but the green forest and mountains standing along the lake make its very attractive and charming. A small forest rest house is also exists there.


This is a beautiful lake is located in the Kaghan valley near the popular tourists place Shogran. The road to this lake is very steep and dangerous therefore, from the Shogran one has to hire a jeep to get to this lake.

Better To Visit:


The Siri is associated with Siri Lake. A stamp has also been issued on the Payee Lake. Siri Lake is located close to Paya Lake. a jeep track takes the tourists from Shogran to Siri and Paya. The lake is accessible via Kiwai and the view throughout the way is spectacular and despite the slippery path one enjoys the trip to full. Only one jeep can pass through this muddy road and the drivers are quite trained. Most of the year time the peak is covered with snow and is accessible only in summers.

History and the Name:


These lakes have a strange tradition associated with their origin. Along with the beauty of these lakes this legends, about their origin which says that a respected old Sufi threw head (Siri) and feet (Paya) of the goat he sacrificed on two different places to give birth to these lakes, is another reason of popularity of these lakes. Travel through Kaghan valley to visit the beauty of these two lakes. Sri Paye is a surprising, rather funny name, yet this place in a remote corner of Kaghan, 06KM away from Shogran has superb views unrivaled by any other place. Nestled in this valley is a small hamlet called Siri Paye.

Beauty and Specifications:

The Siri lake make your way through beautiful waterfalls & glaciers, lush grasslands, steep hills as you trek towards Siri, Paye, Makra Top or Dona Meadows.


The lake is accessible via Kiwai passing through Shogran through a jeep track. When its July, there will be rains everywhere. Clouds, the rain and the small ponds and rivulets formed on slopes and hollowed spaces on soil, paved or unpaved, create a romance unto themselves, yet the sweat, the vapory environment with a downpour every now and then turns one wet. Hence it’s also the time to run away and seek shelter in some cool, refreshing place where there is no sweat, no “pitch pitch” of the plains, and where there are lakes and mountains to provide peace and freshness to body and soul. If you may wish to run, it will turn you because there is lack of oxygen. There are superior mountains, calm lakes and lush green terraced fields in the valley of Kaghan.

Siri Paye offers a carefree weekend adventure, away from the stressful day to day routine for us, the dwellers of Punjab plains. The small hamlet offers an outing that rids you of your taut nerves and a joy time day in and day out. Visiting this magnificent vale in summer carries promise of a cool and fresh weather coupled with a warm welcome from the local people, the best bet in any case.



There are no hotels and restaurant on Paye. It is preferable that you must take meals from Shogran along with them. There are three un-spoilt grassy mountain specially Paye I, Paye II and Paye III. Due to a harsh weather during winter, most herdsmen stay at the meadows only during summers. Must take your Jackets and Sweaters and the most important thing is Jogger Shoes.

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