Which Bollywood Actor Looks the Best with Long Hair?

Bollywood men have often tried to make a style statement with their hairstyles and many have donned long hair at some point in their career. We pick top 10 actors who sported this look. But who do you think looked the best amongst these men? Take your pick and vote for your favourite.


And if you too have been inspired by these celebrities and want to grow your mane, you need to keep a few pointers in mind to take care of them. Here are a few:

  • Long hair needs more care and maintenance. If you are planning to grow it long, make sure you condition it well after every hair wash to keep it soft. You can even opt for natural, home-made hair packs.
  • Since long hair can get in your way, keep a hair band or scrunchie handy which you can use at home or even outside to prevent hair from falling on your face or eyes.
  • Avoid applying too much hair gel to your hair as it can make hair look too greasy. Opt for hair serum instead.
  • Give your scalp a good oil massage once a week to keep your hair healthy from the root to tip. Dust, pollution, etc can ruin the texture of your hair so it is important to take good care of it regularly.

Bollywood Actors With Long Hair

Shah Rukh Khan


SRK first started with a small ponytail and then in Don 2, the actor grew his hair even longer. It was a pleasant change for his fans to see him in a different avatar as he usually sticks to his tried-and-tested tousled hair look.

Salman Khan


Though Salman had long hair in Veer, he is best remembered for his Tere Naam look. The actor had a prominent middle parting with hair falling on either sides of his face. Though many detested it, it set a trend and many young guys were seen styling their hair Tere Naam inspired fashion.

Saif Ali Khan

Race 2 - Photocall

When Saif entered Bollywood he had longish hair which he later chopped off for a more sophisticated look. But recently, he grew it back for his character in Bullet Raja where he played a man from a small town.

Aamir Khan


Aamir is one person who goes to any length to get under the character’s skin he’s portraying onscreen. For his role in Mangal Pandey – The Rising, the actor grew his hair and even donned a handlebar moustache.

Hrithik Roshan


Hrithik was recently seen in Krrish 3 with his hair long and straight. Though he’s often sported curly locks, he straightened them in this film.

Arjun Rampal


Arjun is one person who’s often had long hair, right from his modelling days. The actor chopped it off for a few flicks but he’s mostly seen with long locks and in Rock On, he grew them even longer as he had to play a rock guitarist.

Shahid Kapoor


Shahid when he first entered Bollywood had a short crop but in his recent films, he went for wavy, tousled hair to break his ‘chocolate boy’ image.

Amitabh Bachchan


The only actor in the list with salt-and-pepper hair, Big B sported a ponytail in Cheeni Kum and it became quite popular with the masses. He later retained that look even after the film and it soon became a style statement.

Ranveer Singh


The actor has often experimented with his looks and so it wasn’t surprising when he grew his hair long. The Ram Leela actor sported the long haired look in other flicks as well and it seems to be quite popular with his fans.

John Abraham


John was a model before he entered films and he had long hair since those days. The actor kept his hair long for several films, chopping them off for Madras Cafe.

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