Complete Method of Qurbani On Eid-ul-Azha


It is better for Muslim to slaughter the creature of his Qurbani on eid-ul-azha with his own particular hands. Be that as it may, in the event that he can’t slaughter the creature himself, or does not have any desire to do as such for reasons unknown, he can ask for someone else to slaughter it for his benefit.

For this situation likewise, it is more ideal that he, at any rate, be available at the season of slaughter. In any case, his nonappearance at the season of slaughtering does not render the Qurbani on Eid-ul-Azha invalid, in the event that he has approved the individual who slaughtered the creature for his sake.

Method of Sacrificing an Animal

The strategy for yielding a creature is to lay it to its left side, such that its face is towards the Qiblah. Afterward put the right foot on its side and holding a sharp blade (disguised clearly from the creature or on the off chance that it is visually impaired collapsed then there is no damage).

The creature ought to be relinquished utilizing a sharp blade: the butcher ought to be done rapidly and viably to minimize the anguish supported by the creature.


What Is Makrooh In Qurbani?

The throat of the Qurbani creature ought to be sliced in a way to guarantee that the neck, the wind channel and the two outer jugular veins are separated. It is Makrooh to extreme the whole neck including the vertebrae.

No less than 3 of the four vessels specified above should be separated to meet Shariah prerequisites of legitimate Zibah.

Each exertion ought to be made to guarantee that creatures are not butchered within the sight of other live creatures.

During the time spent slaughtering, the blade ought to be hidden till the snippet of butcher and the creature ought to be set such that it permits the individual butchering the creature to face Qibla, as this is Mustahab.

The cleaning of the butchered creature and dissecting of body parts ought not to initiate until the creature’s body has turned frosty.

On the off chance that subsequent to slaughtering a creature it is found that the creature was pregnant and a live baby shows up in the tummy, then it is important to slaughter that embryo also.

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