8 Major Points To Consider During Presentation In Pakistan

presentation skills

These are the following points, which are very effective and has an amazing impact on your presentation. I put these 8 points, which can make your presentation awesome, or a complete trash if you do not work out on it. In Pakistan, 78% of the people do not know how to present and when they enroll in university, they have to present their topics, which is completely a tough job for a person who never did it. So, try these 8 points, and make your presentation best.

8. Show your Gestures:

Most of the times, 70% of the people, do not show their gestures. Sometimes, i saw some people putting their hands inside their pockets, while presentation. No matter how much interesting their topics is, but if audience did not see your gestures they will lose the interest in your presentation and will end up *yawning* during your presentation. Here are the following gestures, which are really best to adopt during a presentation;

  • Moving your hands.
  • Pointing at the major point, which comes on your PPT.
  • Point at the audience, when asking or before starting a new topic.
  • Move along, so people do not stick to one place.

7. Do not put so much wordy content in your PPT:

Wordy slides ? people won’t read that!

Less words and bullet points is the best strategy to make a PPT effective. If you just copy pase or make your PPT wordy, you should know that your audience can read and write, if they can understand just by reading it, then what’s the reason of PPT ?  Wordy slides kills your presentation. Make presentation, on PowerPoint, and do not use Prezi. Plus, add bullets of main points describing the main idea.

6. Practice:

Practice makes you perfect, a day before presentation, practice yourself with your presentation, can help you give some tips by itself that how to defend yourself when you stuck yourself at one place.

5. Prepare for full Presentation:

Do not say that it’s not may part! if it’s your presentation then you should know about it fully. I know for some people it’s hard, but you have to be a leader for it.

4. Smile:

Hardest thing to do, yet very effective is the SMILE. Putting a slight smile is an indication that you have confidence in yourself and you are confident about your presentation.

3. Look into Audience’s eyes:

Looking in the eye, is the best thing to connect and interact with audience in non verbal way. A pure gesture, to show the confidence about one’s, who is describing a topic.

2. Interact with your Audience:

What do you think ? what’s your understanding on this ? are there any questions ?

These are the questions you should be asking through out your presentation. If there are any questions, answer them and if you stuck, take help by saying “Who’s in this audience gonna answer this one ?” to find many answer to the questions.

1. Appearance:

People are looking at you! Be dressed, and be formal. Do not just through away a presentation in casual way to make it worse. Be a gentleman. Wear Tie, coat, watch and a good hairstyle to boost your appearance.

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