Europeans Have Just Discovered Miswak, and Calling it A ‘Groundbreaking’ Raw Toothbrush

Yoni, A Czech company recently posted a video about (Miswak) a “revolutionary” new product called the Raw Toothbrush, full of ~ minerals and vitamins ~.


They also said that this product is rich in minerals, vitamins and has fiber, and of course is super duper healthy for you.


I don’t like the fact that they have called it ‘groundbreaking’ discovery on their website as miswak is a tradition that dates back to over 7,000 years ago.

Miswak in Islam

Prophet Muhammad is reported to have said, “Make a regular practice of Miswak for verily it is the purification for the mouth and a means of the pleasure of the Lord.”


Islamic lessons and hadiths have consistently been demonstrated to have medical advantages as present day logical research gets up to speed with customary insight.

For instance, it’s prescribed in Islam to eat with one’s hands (which researchers have found to have different medical advantages) and it’s likewise profoundly prescribed in Islam to fast on Mondays and Thursday (fasting twice every week additionally has enormous medical advantages).


The utilization of the miswak is habitually upheld in the hadiths.

Circumstances, where the miswak is prescribed to be utilized, include: before performing salaat; before going into one’s home; previously, then after the fact going on a trip; on Fridays; before resting and subsequent to awakening; when encountering yearning or thirst and before entering any great get-together.


Not only fortifying the gums, forestalling tooth rot and taking out toothaches, the miswak is said to stop additionally rot that has effectively set in.

Besides, it is rumored to make an aroma in the mouth, dispense with awful breath, enhance affect ability of taste-buds and advance cleaner teeth.

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