Colombia Plane Crash: 71 Dead on Flight Carrying Football Team

Colombia Plane Crash: 71 Dead and Six Survivors on Flight Carrying Chapecoense Football Team

Plane Crash: A chartered plane Avro RJ85 carrying 77 people, including a top Brazilian football team has crashed on its approach to the city of Medellin in Colombia.

The plane flying from Brazil via Bolivia was carrying members of the Chapecoense team. The team had been due to play in the final of the Copa Sudamericana, against Medellin team Atletico Nacional.

Plane Crash

The news of this Plane Crash is one of the most terrible tragedies ever happen to the football fans and for the whole world. It’s an unspeaking tragic conclusion to what most consider a fairy tale in one of the South America’s most prestigious soccer tournaments.

The team was in the middle of an amazing season. It joined Brazil’s first division in 2014 for the first time since 1970s and made it last week to the Copa Sudamericana final after defeating two of Argentina’s squad.

Plane Crash

This Plane Crash is left thousands of football fans in the severe shock especially the inhabitants of small city of Chapeco. The team represents the city’s 200,000 residents.

Three Days National Mourning in Brazil

Brazil has declared three days national mourning and offer high condolence to friends and families of those on the plane after this accident.

Death of more than 71 players, journalists and crew members including of team coach and guests. Only six people on the plane, three footballers, two crew members and a journalist survived the Plane Crash.

Brazil announced that all football matches would be postponed for a week as tributes flooded in from clubs, players and fans around the world.

Many footballers and clubs changed their social media profile pictures to a black version of Chapecoense’s green badge, and many included the hash tag #ForcaChape after the club’s nickname.

Plane Crash

The world renowned footballers Neymar Jr. and Lionel Messi also led the heart breaking tributes for the victims of the Plane Crash.

Neymar Jr. Tribute via Instagram Message

Neymar represents the Brazil as his nation country and he was consider as to be the superstar of the brazil captured the numbing grief of a nation.

Which will spend three days in mourning, with his Instagram tribute.

It read:

impossible to believe in this tragedy. Impossible to believe in the event, impossible to believe that plane crashed. Impossible to believe that athletes, humans were on this plane. Impossible to believe that these people left their families… Is impossible to believe!!

He also added: “Today the world cries, but heaven rejoices in receiving champions. My feelings to all family and friends.”

Plane Crash

Lionel Messi Response to the Plane Crash

The legend Messi also posted his own Facebook tribute:

“My deepest condolences go to all of the families, friends and supporters of the Chapecoense squad.”

Fifa president Gianni Infantino said: “It is a very important day for football…in this difficult moment; our thoughts are for the victims, their families and friends.”

“Fifa wishes to extend its deepest condolence to the fans of Chapecoense, the community of football and the media.”

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