What is DTH System?

The DTH service is going to be launched officially in Pakistan very soon.

The auction of DTH licenses was done successfully by PEMRA on Wednesday, 23rd November 2016 with a total of 14.7 billion rupees. This news is good for all of the Pakistan.


What is DTH System & DTH Meaning?

Many of the locales still don’t know the accurate meaning of DTH and its benefits over traditional cable TV and how it would work in Pakistan.

DTH is an acronym for Direct-To-Home television. It is defined as the reception of satellite programs with a personal antenna or dish in an individual home.

The technology enables a broadcasting company to directly send the signal beam to the TV sets, through a medium installed on your house. Mostly the medium could be any dish antenna. That antenna receives the signal from a satellite and broadcasting the transmission on the televisions.

The term DTH is not new in Pakistan. Most of the people are already familiar with this service. The local cable operators in the country use the service since any times ago but in an illegal way.

They make the deals with the foreign DTH operators. And transmit their signals through cable wires into the homes. Millions of rupees are going out of the country by this activity of local cable operators.

With the adaptation of DTH services locally in Pakistan, the consumers would get a better TV experience and the economy of the county would also grow.


Benefits of DTH over Cable TV

The local cable operators make the public compelled to use their traditional TV for a long time since there are no DTH services before this news.

People have to watch limited number of channels on their TV screens with bad picture and sound quality. The digital signals provide optimum quality in all natures and make the TV viewing experience more pleasurable in this service.

The features like 1080i picture resolution, wide aspect ratio and better picture quality with great HDD sound would enhance your TV experience.

You will also be able to watch more number of channels with addition of High Definition channels in the list.

Advantages of DTH

The other advantages are the direct receiving of signals will get rid of annoying hanging cables on the roads and street.

The remote areas will also able to take the proper benefits of this service. The other services by DTH operators will also be offered.

Services, such as Video On Demand, Parental Control, Recording of programs and much more only with the addition of few charges.


Though all of these features are fulsome and outstanding they are not as cheap as the analogue TV cable. The only problem PEMRA have to face is to make the service affordable and easy to use for a common man in the country.

The idea of DTH service introduction is quite challenging but not impossible. The government must have to announce basic cheap packages that could compete with the giant analogue cable market.

Pakistan cable operators who want to remain in race should offer affordable new connection, monthly charges and good client support. The operators must offer variety of channels with some HD channels as well.

If this step remain successful in the country, then it would be beneficial for country’s economy and public will also enjoy the premium quality of TV service in their home.

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