52 Died and Over 100 Injured in Attack on Dargah Shah Noorani

At least 52 died and over 100 people are injured were on Saturday, 12 November 2016 blast near shrine of Shah Noorani.

Women and children are also included in the list of dead and injured. The explosion struck at Dargah Shah Noorani in Khuzdar District, Balochistan.


It was reported that the blast took place when there was a Dhamal taking place after Maghrib prayer at the shrine. According to sources, a 14-year old boy entered into the shrine and joined dhamal.


The boy then suddenly makes himself explode. While a different source claimed that a lady is responsible for the suicide blast. Yet, no group has claimed the responsibility for the attack.


Rescue Work at the Shrine


Rescue teams were facing difficulty in reaching the targeted spot initially. But, finally after facing various hardships ad difficulties.


Rescue squad successfully rescued the people and initially shift them to the nearby medical centers of Balochistan.


Saarfaraz Bugti (Home Minister of Balochistan) confirmed the blast and announce the rescue operation in the area. There is no proper way of communication available in this area, as it is a remote and far-flung region.


General Raheel Sharif has ordered Pakistan Army to provide essential treatment and assistance to the victims of the blast.


Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif condemned the attack and also ordered to speed up the rescue operation in the area.


An emergency has been imposed in all the major hospitals of the region, including the Civil Hospital and Jinnah Medical Centre in Karachi.


shah noorani


Shrine of Shah Noorani is situated at the district Khuzdar of Balochistan near Hub. Shah Noorani shrine is nearly 250 Km away from Karachi.


The shrine of Shah Noorani


The shrine is considered as to be one of the major places of worship among the people of region of Balochistan and thousand of devoted people come to the shrine on regular basis.

Majority of people from Iran also visit the shrine to show their devotion to the saint.


This is not the first attack on this region in this year. But, extremist group in the province of Balochistan have frequently targeted civilians this year. This is all happens due to lack of security in the area.

In October, dozens were killed in an attack on a college in the Quetta and in August an attack on hospital there killed 70 people.

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