History And Winners of Mr. Olympia of the Year 2016

Mr. Olympia of the Year 2016

Phil Heath is the winner of Mr. Olympia title. Phil Heath is confirmed again the best bodybuilder in the world as he defended his title for the very sixth time.

Phil Heath has won his 6th Mr. Olympia title, now being only one far from the seven wins of Arnold Schwarzenegger and two far from the record breaking eight wins of Ronnie Coleman and Lee Haney.

The huge news of the night was 2008 Mr. Olympia and a years ago runner-up Dexter Jackson tumbling to third place. Shawn Rhoden climbed one spot from a year ago to place second.

The “Stone” Dwayne Johnson was likewise at the Mr. Olympia to make a major declaration that the 2017 Mr. Olympia will be broadcast Live on CBS sports as a team with The Rock’s generation organization Seven Bucks Productions.

Top Winners Result of Mr. Olympia 2016 – Men’s


Sr. No. Winner Winning Money
1. Phil Heath $400,000
2. Shawn Rhoden $150,000
3. Dexter Jackson $100,000
4. Huge Ramy $55,000
5. William Bonac $45,000
6. Roelly Winklaar $35,000
7. Cedric McMillan $25,000
8. Dallas McCarver $20,000
9. Josh Lenartowicz $19,000
10. Justin Compton $10,000

Winners and Result of Mr. Olympia 2016 – Women’s

Mr. Olympia

Sr. No. Winner Winning Money
1. Latorya Watts $35,000
2. Candice Lewis $18,000
3. Cydney Gillon $12,000
4. Nicole Wilkins
5. Swann De La Rosa

Step by Step Instructions to Qualify for the Olympia

Mr. Olympia

  • Previous Mr. Olympia winners (if over 5 years they should have IFBB endorsement).
  • Main 6 finalists from the earlier year’s Mr. Olympia.
  • The Top 6 finalists from this year’s is Arnold Classic.
  • Main 5 finalists from that year’s New York Men’s Professional (already called Night of the Champions).
  • Main 3 finalists from whatever other rivalry in the IFBB proficient visit held amid the ensuing year preceding the Mr. Olympia.
  • The winners of the Masters Professional World Championship.
  • The occasion coordinator can choose one contender who has not qualified by different means, as a “unique invitee.”

The History Behind the SANDOW Trophy

Mr. Olympia

Eugene Sandow, The main acclaimed muscle head, changed his music-lobby execution into a vocation as an expert strongman.

Some time ago, Sandow had what is presently named “great hereditary qualities” for the game of working out.

Sandow imagined gear, for example, spring-hold dumbbells. It was with Sandow that weight training was really conceived.

He started showing his quality to groups of onlookers and also acting like a Greek statue to pull in thoughtfulness regarding himself.

In 1898, Sandow was viewed as the most popular man alive when he began distributed the magazine Physical Culture which later turned into Sandow’s Magazine of Physical Culture.

Sandow flaunted his build on postcards just wearing a fig leaf to conceal. When of his passing in 1925, Sandow had made working out a beneficial undertaking.

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