Pakistani Legend Abdul Sattar Edhi Died

Famous Pakistani giver Abdul Sattar Edhi, who devoted his life to poor people, has passed away at the age of 88 on July 8, 2016 in Karachi Pakistan. Abdul Sattar Edhi suffers from kidney problems, Edhi was determined to have kidney problems in 2013.

Abdul Sattar Edhi’s family said he had passed on at a medical center in Karachi where he had been having treatment for a few weeks.

In June he turned down an offer from previous president Asif Ali Zardari to get treatment abroad, demanding being found in an administration healing center in Pakistan.

The Great Philanthropist

Edhi sahab born to a humble family and son of a cloth merchant opened his eyes to this world in 1924 in Gujarat. A Bantwa memon and a very simple man was the driver of his own ambulance service when it first started functioning. A man noble to God and his creation.

We were blessed to have him in our fold.

Edhi ambulance service was and is by far the single largest ambulance service anywhere in the world.
His eyes will be harvested as per his death wish and his mortal remains will be laid to rest in no special shroud (kafan), other than what he is wearing.

The altruist started his charitable work as a young guy.


Reporters say Abdul Sattar Edhi was Pakistan’s most regarded figure and was seen by some as just about a holy person.

In 2014 he told the BBC that effortlessness, genuineness, diligent work and dependability were the foundations of his work.

“It is everybody’s obligation to deal with others that is what being human means. In the event that more individuals suspected that way, such a variety of issues could be understood,” he said.

He was additionally known for his unassuming way of life – he allegedly possessed only two arrangements of garments and lived in a little and meagerly outfitted room beside the workplace of his establishment.

Edhi’s body is transported in one of his establishment’s ambulance.


Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif communicated his distress at Edhi’s demise and said he asked that he would have “the best place in heaven”.

“We have lost an incredible hireling of humankind,” Mr. Sharif said.

“He was the genuine sign of affection for the individuals who were socially powerless, devastated, vulnerable and poor.”

Edhi Foundation

The Edhi Foundation now gives a wide scope of free social administrations, including ambulances, halfway houses and backing for the elderly and debilitated.


Effortlessness, Trustworthiness and Hard Work

Abdul Sattar Edhi originated from a group of Gujarati brokers and touched base in Pakistan in 1947.

In any case, he chose to take up altruism in the wake of perceiving how the state neglected to help his family look after his incapacitated and sick mother, Dawn daily paper reported.

He opened his first facility in 1951 and the Edhi Foundation developed to be the nation’s biggest welfare association, running schools, clinics and rescue vehicle administrations the nation over, frequently connecting holes to administrations which the state just neglects to give.

Angels Never Die!

He lived a life like none, he defined humanity in a way people can only dream of, he epitomized simplicity like it belonged to him, he explained humanity as if the word was coined for him, he handled diversity as if only he understood it’s true meaning, he depicted tolerance to a level almost none could, he meant for people as all relations culminated in him, for him.

He motivated, he inspired, he trained, he taught, he role modeled humanity.

May Allah bless him with the highest ever tier in Jannah (Aameen).

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