Made History in the World of Air Travel, Never Boarded the Way He Boarded


Stockholm (News) During the last two centuries of scientific progress is so amazing that the format has changed, but how improbable chapter opened in the coming days, a glimpse of that technology export Sweden endorse Anderson is also shown. Anderson became the first person who has had a chip in his body (chip) identity and security checks at the airport used to be, and they went to his home and got on a plane and go straight.

The newspaper ‘Daily Mail’ reported daily to Anderson Stockholm Orlando Airport in Paris. Second nyuyyn Airlines flight booking All data was uploaded to a very small chip, which was equal to the size of a grain of rice, and the chip injected Anderson body was moved. When they arrived at the airport no identity card and passport and neither had to stand in line for checking documents are also free from the inconvenience of security checks in place, they installed machines in front of your own waved and went through. All their sleeve covers the red chip machines and automatic data identification and data entry all stages of their own became blackmail.

Anderson the exciting scenes video has been uploaded to YouTube, where hundreds of thousands of people are watching. He says that when he, without any identification documents and were taking on board without delay hundred percent, and installed machines at the airport they were identified only by their body in front of their eyes this map the future will be like wandering around the world, which we all can work their will without material goods.


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