Manchar Lake

The Unique Manchar Lake is the largest freshwater lake in Pakistan. It is said that one of the largest Lake of South Asia. The attractive Manchar Lake is the floating village of Pakistan, lies 18 kilometers west of Sehwan Sharif on the Indus Highway. It was made when Sukkur barrage was constructed over the Indus River. Years ago the Manchar Lake was known for its flora and fauna. The lake was constructed in 1930 when Sukkur Barrage was building on River Indus. In 1932, flood bunds were constructed on its north-eastern and northern boundaries. In Urdu We can said Manchar Jheel.

Surrounding, Area & Location

Allah Wasayo and chacha on a smaller boat
Allah Wasayo and chacha on a smaller boat

It is located west of the Indus River, in Jamshoro District, Sindh. The area of the lake varies with the seasons from as little as 350 km² to as much as 520 km². Manchar Lake gets its water from the Kirthar Hill and lake spreads over an area of 233 square kilometers, The Lake is fed by two canals, the Aral and the Danister from the river Indus. The Lake collects water from numerous small streams in the Kirthar Mountains and empties into the Indus River. Until recently the lake supported thousands of fisher folk, near village Kot Lashari Bobak railway station, who depended on the freshwater fish they caught in the lake. However, the lake is now undergoing environmental degradation resulting in the water becoming salty and killing off the fish and forcing the fisher folk to look elsewhere for employment.

Beauty and Specifications

Manchar Lake 2

It is crammed with Ducks and different types of Fishes and the migratory birds from Siberia, well known as Siberian Birds, sought refuge here from the freezing cold back home. The natives of Manchar Lake the Mohanas, a fisher men ethnic group residing in Boats also lived by the banks of the lake. Manchar Lake was a popular tourist spot. Another name of this beautiful and old lake was flora and fauna due to its small plants and Flowers in it.

Tradition and the Uniqueness

Manchar Lake 3

The Uniqueness and the most beauty of this lake is Boathouse, it is big compartment in the middle, which acts as a living room, with a section for storage and sleeping on another side. A One boat has a capacity to easily take weight 08 to 10 people to sleep on. Every Fishermen family owns a boathouse.

How to Reach

Manchar Lake 4

You can easily reach to the Lake from Sehwan sharif at a distance of 18 kilometers west of Sehwan Sharif on the Indus Highway. A finely carpeted road towards the west on main Indus highway leads to Manchar Village.
The village is small, mainly comprising of a main market that is crowded with fishermen in groups, sipping Tea and their Local traditions.

Better to Visit:

Manchar Lake 5

It is better to visit from February to September due to weather Due to an unkind weather during winter you can only visit during winter or spring season. The lake site is most comfortable for Summer Camp. As a Tourist Must take your Jackets and Sweaters and the most important thing is Jogger Shoes.


Wearing a jacket is recommended because the nights are too cold. It is preferable that you must take Drinking water due to the lack of drinking water in this area.

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