5 Smartphone Apps To Keep Your Home Organized

If your house looks like a mess then you surely need to attack it every day with a spot of cleaning. But, how do you keep track of things that need doing or are still left to do?
Here are 5 best phone apps to keep your home organized and help you with your housekeeping nightmares.

1. Famjama


Now, you can easily get organised with Famjama and stay connected with whatever device you and your family members use. When you sign up, you list all the members of your family so that everyone can access the site and manage things. It is an online organizer with a smart mobile site with support for both Andriod and iOS. Each family member is colour-coded to make it easy to see what’s going on in their to-do lists. It also allows you to recommend how each person will be notified of upcoming things, be it on mobile, email or Facebook.

To-do lists are split into two; first, your own to-do things, second, your requests for others. The requests will roll up in the pertinent person’s to-do list, and it displays who made the request. Items in the shopping list can be categorised to make it easier to manage and mark as complete when done.

2. Good Housekeeping


The Good Housekeeping app has a whole collection of useful household advices and decorating ideas. It’s flooded with cleaning, home organizing and management tips. This app is for those who want to improve their cleaning strategies or someone who does not have any idea about household chores. In short, it is an structured way to obtain the most useful information about organizing your home.

In this app, you can also browse the stain types to get the best suggestion on how to remove them. If you just want to get a general advice and learn new ways to manage your home, look through the latest news & tips or check the Good Housekeeping’s Facebook and Twitter feed via the app.

This app is just packed with valuable and interesting information to help you with the house management to keep your home organized.

3. Out of Milk


Did it ever happen that you forgot the shopping list at home when getting to the store for monthly or weekly grocery? Or while you are out, you suddenly realize that this is a great time to get to the store but only if you remember what you needed.

Out of Milk has more than just a grocery list for you! It helps you with keeping your fully updated list in hand and lets you create various shopping lists and sync your list with others via e-mail or text.

When you are running out of an item, just scan the barcode to add it to your list. The app also includes voice command function, a handy auto-complete feature, and the capability to insert items from your previous shopping list. With “Out of Milk” you can even keep a track of all the spices in your kitchen and how full your containers are.

4. Food Planner


What to cook tomorrow is a thought that regularly crosses the mind of every woman. Menu planning can be frenzied at times but with Food Planner you can add or upload your favourite recipes and plan your menu for the entire week or month.

You can also add the recipes you find on Google or any website to your recipe database in the app. Once you are done planning your menu, you can add the ingredients and items you need to your shopping list.

The key objective of Food Planner is to keep it quick and easy to use. However, you would even appreciate and love the advanced features of this app once you get more familiar with it.

5. FlyHelper


This app lets you jump in and get organized from the start. It is all about helping you with the household chores to make your house clean and organized.

FlyHelper splits your planning into various sections: Routines, Tasks, Zones, Meal Planner and Day Plan. However, to begin with, you would perhaps want to use the Routines and Zones. That’s because you can simply load the default tasks into these sections and use them to get started with the cleaning and organizing right away. The FlyHelper app is one of the best Android household apps.

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