Zero-Effort Summer Beauty & Make-up Tips

With the sweltering heat of Pakistan, the summer season calls for less makeup. Let’s face it, even if we want a flawless, impeccable makeup look it will just melt off our skin. Who wants foundation and lipstick to be melted all over your face and clothes!? Stick to only the essentials in your beauty routine, with waterproof makeup and breezy skin products. This summer go all natural and bring your best face forward.

Mineral Foundation


We all want flawless skin for summer, with the heat and humidity the most difficult task if keeping your complexion looking natural and not overdone. Since most BB creams feel heavy on the skin, mineral foundation is perfect for mattifying any oil and for a lightweight comfortable finish. Mineral foundations give a natural finish onto the skin while standing up to the harshest heat conditions. Look for an all-day coverage mineral powder to match your skin.

Waterproof Mascara


Skip out on eyeliner since it will melt off your eyes and onto your cheeks. The easiest way to brighten up your eyes is with a waterproof mascara that won’t smudge or budge throughout the day. Curl your lashes before applying any mascara for thicker lashes. With so many mascaras out in the market, go for one that gives you longer and volumized lashes.

Cream shadows


If you love the effect of shimmer on your eyelids, a waterproof cream eyeshadow will last you all day without moving around your skin. The cream shadow will set for a long-lasting effect. Pick a neutral shadow of beige or champagne vanilla and apply it all over your eyelid for a brightened effect.

Cream Blush


To liven up your complexion, a cream blush will not fade or disappear at the end of the day. The long-wearing, smudge-proof formula will easily blend onto the skin while adding a bit of a dewy, luminous glow. Pick a shade of rose for a neutral effect. You can even top the blush off with a powder to help set it.

Lip Stain


If all else fails, a bright hot pink or coral lip stain is your best bet. There’s nothing like a bold lip stain that will last from day to night. A lip stain is the easiest way to give you a natural lip color without it sliding all over your lips or feeling heavy at the end of the day as a lipstick would. A lip stain is the best way to really give you a natural summer look.

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