12 Things You Must Do If You Are In Karachi

There are plenty of reasons to love our hometown, Karachi, like beaches, crazy people, entertainment, great food, to name just a few. Here, are some not-to-be-missed things to do if you happen to be in Karachi.

1- Picnic at French Beach

1- Picnic at French Beach, Karachi

Karachi is famous for its beach. And one of my favorite points is French Beach where you can enjoy a calm atmosphere, cool breezes, and a clear beach. Plus, it is dotted with various cliffs and several rocks which create a scenic look during the high tide season when the waves bounce against them and the splash of the water break the silence. It is located half way between Hawkes Bay and Paradise Point and is known as Haji Ismill Goth to the locals. This small fishing village is surrounded by a boundary wall and is dotted with huts, available for rent. Book a hut there and enjoy a night’s stay in what I call, France in Pakistan.

2- Breakfast at Sea view Mc.Donald’s

2- Breakfast at Sea view Mc.Donald’s, Karachi

You can find many great places in Karachi where you can have a scrumptious breakfast. However, when it comes to relaxation and tranquility, there is nothing like eating outside on the porch of Mc. Donald’s sea view. You can have breakfast while enjoying the cool breezes, the sound of gushing water and really beautiful views of the beach.

3- Go Shopping at Dolmen Mall, Clifton

3- Go Shopping at Dolmen Mall, Clifton, Karachi

The small city of Karachi is dotted with numerous malls, and the number is increasing every day. However, the best mall so far is Dolmen Mall Clifton, which not only offers a huge selection of stores to shop from but also great entertainment for the whole family and great food.

4- Sindbad, Nisar Shaheed Park

4- Sindbad, Nisar Shaheed Park, Karachi

Are you craving for some thrill? You will find many amusement parks like Aladin but one rather small and well-kept park is Sindbad at Nisar Shaheed Park, located in Defence Phase 4. It offers thrilling rides for the whole family including the amazing 7D ride. If you want a fun filled day, this is the place to go!

5- Escape to Hilal Park

5- Escape to Hilal Park, Karachi

Craving for some quiet time in Karachi? Hard to find in the hustle bustle of the city? Escape to Hilal Park, a small park located in Defence Phase 7 in Khayaban-e-Hilal. This park is rather unknown, which is the reason why you won’t find it overfilled with public. Plus, when we say it’s beautiful, it really is.

6- A Day Trip to Dream World Resort

6- A Day Trip to Dream World Resort, Karachi

This beautiful resort located in Gulshan-i-Maymar off super highway offers a magnificent escape and one-of-a-kind getaway. It offers a multitude of activities like swimming, thrilling water slides, go-carts, bowling, sailing, to name just a few. Although this resort is closed for members only, you can go there as a guest with any member. You can even book a room there and spend a night in the resort.

7- Dinner at “Do Darya”

7- Dinner at “Do Darya”, Karachi

When we talk about dinner at Do Darya, located along the sea on the main Sea view road, it’s not the food we are talking about but the whole experience. These restaurants are actually built on water and have all outdoor settings where you can sit on the balcony and have great food while enjoying the great views of the water along with the cool breezes that will lift up your mood, for sure!

8- Eating ‘Karahi’ at Highway

8- Eating ‘Karahi’ at Highway, Karachi

While we are at the topic of fun filled experiences, you can’t leave out a delicious dinner at super highway. To be more specific, eating karahi sitting on those ‘charpais’ is a truly unique experience one must have if they are in Karachi. Highway is dotted with many places but my favorite one is Al-Habib restaurant.

9- Dinner at Port Grand

9- Dinner at Port Grand, Karachi

Whether you want to eat BBQ, Italian food, desi food, or a peice of delicious chocolate cake, Port Grand is the place to go. It’s a food street located on the port of Kaimari, where you can eat whatever you want while enjoying the beautiful views of the deep sea. Go there a little before sunset to witness something you have never seen in your life.

10- Sailing at Marina Club


Now, that reminds me of those days spent on the shores of the United Arab Emirates. Marina Club, located in Defence phase 8, is nothing less, believe me. One boat ride costs about Rs. 500 per person and you can just sit back and relax. Jump onto the deck to have an even more amazing experience. Plus, if you want some more thrill, rent a speed boat and test your skills.

11- Buggy ride, camel ride, and horse riding at Clifton Beach

11- Buggy ride, camel ride, and horse riding at Clifton Beach, Karachi

Clifton Beach is not really a place to go on weekend as it’s really overcrowded. However, you can go there for a buggy ride, camel ride and horse riding on the shore. This is an experience you will remember forever!

12- Picnic at Sunway Lagoon Water Park

12- Picnic at Sunway Lagoon Water Park, Karachi

Maybe you can’t compare this with the Sunway Lagoon, Malaysia but this has a charm of its own. And its main charm is being local. Located on the National Highway, the only problem is it may be over crowded on weekends as the entry fee is quite reasonable and it is not closed for members. But try going there on Fridays or Saturdays and you might have a fun filled day.

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