Top 5 Favourites to Win Best Young Player Award at FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022

Football has offered a platform for highly talented individual young players to demonstrate their hard work and passion for the sport which unites us all. World Cup is a stage where many breakout talents standout while others experience failure and never recover their true form. If a young player performs exceptionally well, he has a chance to become an integral member of his club’s team or pique an interest from the juggernauts of the footballing giants.

We have seen such breakouts players like Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Michael Owen in 1998 and the legendary Pele as a 17 year old. They went to emerge as the best players the world has seen. FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 will be of no exception. Young players will be hungry to make their mark on the international stage with a viewership expected to cross the 5 billion mark. But who could be worthy of the best young player award at the grandest stage of them all? Here is a detailed list below.

  1. Jamal Musiala (Germany & Bayern Munich)

    Jamal Musiala

    Germany and Bayern Munich in general have a factory for producing highly talented individuals who become a star before hitting the age of 20 years old. Jamal Musiala is the prime example who left Chelsea at the age of 16 to join the German giants at the age of 16. In just three years he has become the breakout star at the Bundesliga netting five goals and four assists. He has sprung on-to the scene at the perfect moment as an injury to Timo Werner paved way for Hansi Flick to call Jamal Musiala at the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022. 

  2. Pedri

    Pedri reminds us of the golden generation Spain had that won the World Cup in 2010. Being at such a young age of 19 years old, he is arguably Barcelona’s most important player as he dictates play through the midfield with his smooth and accurate passes able to open opponents defences. He appeared in 73 games for Barcelona last season and was included in the Olympics as well as Euro 2020. Many eyes will be on Pedri to produce his magic in the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022.

  3. Jude Bellingham

    Jude Bellingham

    Jude Bellingham becomes the world’s most valued played at a staggering £202 million at the age of just 19. A former Manchester City player now plays for Borussia Dortmund, he has already scored four goals in the Champions League. Gareth Southgate will be looking at Jude Bellingham in the midfield to cause havoc for the opposition’s midfield. He will be an essential player with a tenacious mindset to drive the ball forward and terrorise the defences and show his worth on the pitch at football World Cup 2022.

  4. Alphonso Davies

    Alphonso Davies

    Alphonso Davies showed his talents when he joined MLS’s Vancouver Whitecaps FC Residency at the age of 14 in 2014. He impressed the scouts so much that he joined for Bayern Munich in 2015. The team which had arguably the best right back in the world named Philip Lahm bought the next best young left back in the world in Alphonso Davies. He is known for driving the ball forward skilfully while having a quick burst of speed to beat the opposition players. He is also the first Canadian to win the coveted Champions League and was crucial to his country qualifying for the World Cup for the first time in history. Alphonso Davies will be looking to make his mark as the best left back in the 2022 World Cup as he is ready to show the world why Bayern Munich has put so much faith in him.

  5. Antony 


    Antony is your typical attack minded winger to the likes of young Arjen Robben and Cristiano Ronaldo in his early Manchester United days. He likes to play at the right wing and cuts to his left and curls the ball to the back of the net. After arriving from Ajax at such a high fee, he has been brilliant for the Manchester United squad. With his current form, he was called for the Brazil’s national squad for the FIFA World Cup 2022. He will be hoping to get to the world cup final 2022 and put in an unforgettable performance.


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