Salman Ahmed – An Underrated Muscleman From Lahore


LAHORE: Salman Ahmed was distant from everyone else in the group when he turned into the first Pakistani to win the Musclemania world lifting weights title in Las Vegas a year ago not able to bear the cost of a company of supervisors, mentors, promoters like his kindred rivals.

Presently the 25-year-old is back in Pakistan and confronting a decision: with no monetary backing from the administration of his cricket-fixated nation and potential supporters made touchy by its security issues, he should settle on surrendering his sparkling vocation — or leaving home.

“A weight lifter has no future in Pakistan,” he tells AFP amid a workout at his rec center in a low-salary neighborhood of the eastern city of Lahore.

The US Consulate has saluted him on his noteworthy win in the lightweight class at Musclemania, the world’s head common working out challenge. Indeed, even Pakistan’s chief opponent India has been inviting so as to court him to talk at classes in different urban communities.


However, from Pakistani authorities, he says, he has not heard a word.

“Cricket players get all the spotlight, while other sportsmen endure because of absence of consideration and monetary bolster,” Ahmed tells AFP. “No one in the administration minded to try and send me a salutary message.”

He says he has had “some extremely lucrative offers” from European nations and the US to seek them.

“Be that as it may, then I would need to leave my home and my nation, and I would not have the capacity to wave the Pakistani banner when I win.”

Music pumps at the shabby, worn Body Shape Fitness Center as mirrors reflect Ahmed and his protege, 21-year-old Hassan Butt, straining to lift weights so overwhelming that other rec center goers interruption to ogle at them.

Weight training is not a broadly drilled game in Pakistan, however Butt — himself a national champion who promises to take after Ahmed’s way — says its fame is developing in the period of the selfie in light of the fact that youngsters like to post photos of their muscles on Facebook.

He concedes, on the other hand, that for some the inspirations are shallow: numerous young fellows pay their $5 a month to go to the rec center and take a selfie of their “workout” to send to female companions, then leave without lifting a solitary weight.


The game’s disagree-ability has already worked to support Ahmed: he at first connected for college as a cricket player yet the opposition was too solid.

Not able to manage the cost of the charges all alone, he attempted his fortunes in lifting weights — and still, at the end of the day he was at first rejected, however subsequent to asking for a chance school powers yielded, cautioning he would need to build up.

Presently he has a Masters in Human Resource Management from the University of Central Punjab yet says beginning pay rates would pay just around $160 a month, while the proteins alone that he says he needs cost in regards to $180.

He can’t rely on monetary backing from his family — his dad turned out to be sick amid his time in college and frequently he ended up maintaining three sources of income while examining to bolster relatives.

What’s more, supporters, he says, flee when they hear “Pakistan” — dreadful of the nation’s security circumstance.

“They are excessively apprehensive, making it impossible to come here,” he says. “I let them know that Lahore is sheltered… yet they don’t accept.”

At present he deals with the exercise center, once claimed by his late sibling — yet the wage it produces is not really enough to pay the rent, a great deal less bolster his preparation administration.

“It is an immense test,” he concedes.

Ahmed started contending in neighborhood rivalries through school and by 2014 was contending in Miami and Las Vegas.

Following quite a while of thorough preparing, he tackled exactly 600 weight lifters from around the globe at Musclemania a year ago with only his own particular determination behind him.

“Koreans, Americans and European muscle heads were in groups, they had chiefs and mentors and media promoters with them,” he says.

“I was distant from everyone else there — an one-man group — and beat all of them.”

His mom Sajida Yasin — who, Ahmed says, can anticipate which weight lifters will win just by taking a gander at them, and knows every one of the points of interest of his eating routine and exercise administration — told AFP that she sobbed for delight subsequent to viewing online from Lahore as her child lifted the trophy.

Presently he has his sights set on winning the Musclemania Pro classification, to be held in Miami in June.

There might yet be trust. Usman Anwar, leader of the Punjab Sports Board, says the legislature had basically not known about Ahmed’s accomplishment.

“Had we realized that he was going to take an interest in the occasion we would not just have upheld him, we would have energized him and given him preparing and specialized ability and every one of the logistics likewise,” Anwar tells AFP.

The PSB has now called Ahmed and will meet him soon, he says, to hear his story and prescribe monetary backing — however the degree of that is yet vague.

For Ahmed, choice time is drawing nearer.

“I need to be on top of this field,” he says.

“At last, I need to settle on a decision…”

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