Massive Cyber Attack on Indian Banks

Cyber Attack on Indian Banks

A massive cyber attack on Indian banks had been carried out by some unknown hackers.

In the recent news reported that the attack let the state economy in debt. This cyber attack is considered as to be one of the most influential and huge hit since years.

This massive financial breach has hits the biggest banks of India. Including State Bank of India, HDFC Bank, Yes Bank, ICICI Bank and Axis Bank.

Cyber Attack

Hackers allegedly used malware to control country’s ATM and other financial transactions. And stole the details or around 3.2 million debit cards.

The report adds that a number of affected costumers have observed unauthorized transactions made by their cards. Transactions have been made in various locations of china and America.

Cyber Attack

The poor government of India and different banks giving hope to their people and announced that they will replace compromised debit cards.

SBI blocks and will re-issue 600,000 debit cards.

State bank of India has blocked affected debit cards and will re issue over 600,000 debit cards;

“It is a security breach, but not in our bank system’s.

Many other banks also have this breach right now and since a long time ago.

A few ATMs have been affected by malware. When people use their card on infected switches or ATMs, there is a high possibility that their data will be compromised” – SBI CTO Shiv Kumar Bhasin.

Cyber Attack

Meanwhile, the Payments Council of India has ordered a forensic audit on the Indian bank servers to measure the damage and investigate the origin of the cyber attack.

Now, no explanation from Indian government could be justified the security concern in the country.

From this huge malware attack in the country, it is proved that India remained failed to provide a full proof security to the money and payments of its people.

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