Snapchat is Not Better than Instagram


Snapchat is growing its network at a boom, but still there are some feature which snapchat needs to improve to compete with the giant of social media, Instagram, which is still a better and a bigger photo sharing platform.

1. Limited Photos/Video Time


I think, just 10 seconds are not enough, Snapchat gives only 10 seconds to view any picture, which is totally awful! The reason Instagram is still ahead of snapchat is the wide variety of photos in a gallery but Snapchat doesn’t offer such thing.

2. No Social Integration


You can not share the Snapchat image on Social media Like Twitter, Facebook and any other network such as Tumblr which earns you many photo views and you can’t even have the link to share it, but Instagram gives you total social integration as well as the links are totally work fine on any social media.

3. No Advertisements


For Marketing Managers, Snapchat is the worst place to target, i know, many people call snapchat a best medium, but in my view, it is the worst option left for any firm or any start up. For advertisement, you can target millions of people on Instagram but snapchat doesn’t provide advertisement.

4. No Links


You can’t share the profile link! Which is horrible! If any person wants to add you on snapchat he has to go through the whole procedure, which creates lack of interest in following any person on social media. Instagram is totally fine with it! Can share links and picture with anyone, anywhere.

5. Just a Timepass


Literally, Snapchat is just for the Kids! It’s not a thing for adults! It’s just a time pass where you show your pictures for 10 seconds to the people you don’t know! But Instagram stores your photo in the gallery for the longest time, until you delete them.

6. No Support for a Phone with Low Memory


Snapchat on Low memory gone? It’s a joke! Snapchat requires huge amount of RAM consumed, which kills the battery performance as well as overall android and iPhone performance. And Snapchat is the only app that drains your battery faster than any other app. And when you try to use it in a phone with low features, the result would be App crush or frozen screen. Instagram is a light app which is suitable for any kind of device, cheers!

7. No Photography!


You cannot do photography on Snapchat, because photographers need a gallery where they can have their photo collection stored and showcased but Snapchat deletes your photos after reaching the limit of 24 hours, which is total injustice! But Instagram gives wide variety of filters and let you post many pictures.

8. Suitable for Celebrities Only


One question. Why would one sneak into your life through Snapchat ? Honestly, No one. Snapchat is best for Celebrities because they share their touring updates and music updates . While Instagram is a perfect guide for targeting middle class followers.

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