Amazing Google Chrome Tips And Tricks You Must Know

Short Bytes: Google Chrome is recognized as one of the best web browsers out there. Its simplicity and speed speak volumes for itself. We bring to you some amazing Google Chrome tips and tricks that might prove very useful and come in handy for you.

One of the most popular, fast, simple and secure web browser out there is Google Chrome. The fact that it holds about 45% of the worldwide usage share of Web Browsers further bears testimony to Google Chrome’s popularity amongst the masses. With its unparalleled speed, effective security measures and handy customization options, it sure packs quite a punch for a web browser. So, let’s add a new dimension to your Google Chrome experience with our guide on amazing Google Chrome tips and tricks you must know:

Common keyboard shortcuts for Google Chrome

We begin our guide with some of the common keyboard shortcuts which shall help you save your time and make your Google Chrome experience a lot easier and enjoyable.

Ctrl+T – Open New Tab
Ctrl+N– Open New Window
Ctrl+W – Close Current Tab
Ctrl+Tab– View Next Tab
Ctrl+L-Put Cursor in Search Bar
Ctrl+R-Reload Current Page
Ctrl+F-Open the Find Bar
Ctrl+D– Bookmark the Current Page
Ctrl+J– Open Downloads Page
Ctrl+Enter– Add ‘www.’ and ‘.com’ to input in address bar and open the corresponding URL

For a more detailed list of such keyboard shortcuts visit:

How to make notes using Chrome

Every once in a while you may need to note down something important for future reference or other purposes. So, instead of having you scramble across your desk for a pen and a notepad, Google Chrome provides a much better alternative. Simply type in:
” data:text/html, ” on your search bar and take down notes at your leisure.

Reduce data usage in Google Chrome

Most people who use Google Chrome on their phones are often found complaining about the excessive amount of mobile data that Chrome uses up. Well good news for all of you, the ‘Data Saver Feature’ introduced by Google may just help you work your way around this problem. Simply open Google Chrome and go to Settings-> Data Saver -> Turn On Data Saver and surf the web for less data.
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Play media files in Google Chrome

Did you know, you can play a wide variety of movie and music files (.avi, .mov, .mp4, .mp3, .mkv, .ogv, .ogm,.webm, .wav etc) using Google Chrome? Simply drag your file into the search-bar and enjoy watching it play.
What’s more? Chrome can even be used to view images, open Microsoft Office files and PDF files as well.

Pin tabs in Google Chrome

One of the most overlooked features of Google Chrome is the Pin Tab feature. It enables the user to lock their most used/favorite tabs (ones they might want to keep open all day) onto the left side of the browser and reduce it to the size of an icon so that it occupies less space. A pinned tab can’t be closed accidentally and opens up by default every time, one opens Google Chrome. It provides a handy way of organizing tabs in Chrome. In order to pin a tab, simply ‘right click’ on the tab and select the Pin Tab Option.

Google Chrome Task Manager

Google Chrome provides a built-in Task Manager. Just like the Task Manager of a Windows System, it allows the user to monitor the amount of memory a particular site is using, CPU Usage and its network activity. Chrome treats each tab as a separate process. In case your browser seems to slow down or stop responding, you can simply open up the Task Manager and kill the tab which seems to be hogging down the system resources, to prevent the browser from crashing. You can open the task manager by pressing the ‘Shift+Esc’ key or by clicking on the drop-down menu at the upper right corner and going to More Tools -> Task Manager.

Desert Dino Run game in Google Chrome

Google loves hiding features here and there within its browser. One such feature is the Desert Dino Run. You must have seen the image of the dinosaur which appears on the screen when you are either unable to connect to the internet or are offline, it turns out that it is not just an image but a game that can be played by simply tapping on the screen once the T-Rex pops up.
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Use the Search Bar as a Calculator or Unit Converter

You can use Google Chrome even as a calculator or a unit converter as well. All you need to do is type in the calculation/conversion into the search bar and watch as Chrome works its magic.

Drag and drop downloads in Google Chrome

Instead of changing the download location of a file or manually cutting and pasting it at the desired location. You can simply drag the file to the folder where you want to save your file, thereby saving effort and time.

Chrome Flags feature

Another treasure trove of Google Chrome features are the Chrome Flags. They enable the user to enable certain functionalities in Chrome that may not have been implemented fully up till now or may be un-standardized. Here are some of the Chrome Flags that are worth giving a try, but beware that some of these features could turn out to be buggy and cause your browser to crash.
In order to enable them simply type in chrome://flags in the search bar and then enable the one which you wish to, from the list provided.

  • Enable Multilingual Spellchecker- It allows the user to turn on support for performing spellchecking in multiple languages at the same time.
  • Download Resumption- It allows for downloads that may haven’t been interrupted to be continued or restarted. This features comes in really handy in case you have a slow internet connection.
  • Password Generation- This feature allows the user to have Chrome generate passwords when it detects account creation pages. Passwords created by Chrome may seem to be gibberish, but mind it they are super safe and nigh impossible to crack.
  • Mute Tabs- Ever so often you might have multiple tabs open, each of which may be playing its own audio. In order to avoid such a situation and mute unwanted audio, just enable this flag and Google Chrome shall provide you with audio indicators in the tab strip as tab audio mute controls

Have some more tips and tricks of your own to add? Do post them in the comments below.

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