10 of the Most Beautiful & Rarest Flowers

Flowers are the most beautiful gifts that we got from nature. There are more than 270000 types of flowers are in the world. Some flowers only bloom in specific seasons or even after decades. The flowers that are endemic to remote parts of the world also remain undiscovered. Here the list of top 10 most beautiful and rarest flowers in the world.

01. Middle Mist Red


Middle mist red is the rarest flower in the world, only two examples are left in the world. You can only see middlemist red flower in New Zealand garden and green house garden of United Kingdom. It is John Middlemist a nursery man who brought this amazing plant from China to the UK in 1804. After that middlemist flower completed washed out from China and surprisingly cultivated in the gardens of London. Middlemist looks like rose flower found to be in deep pink color. The botanists also make long time research to find out flowering species related to middlemist red.

02. Jade Vine


The jade vine was first seen by westerners in 1854 by botanists who were members of the US Wilkes Exploring Expedition. They were exploring the dipterocarp forest of Mount Makiling on Luzon, the largest and most northern island in the Philippines, when they encountered the vine.

Jade Vine is rare flower in the family of pea and bean. It can be only seen in the rain forest of Philippines. Jade Vine have claw shaped flowers which can grow up to 3 meters. The color of thus beautiful flower vary from blue to light green. As Jade Vines is sometimes pollinated by bats it shows luminous quality at night, make a spectacular view. The natural pollinators and constantly changing environment conditions makes Jade Vine as a rare flower.

03. Corpse Flower


One of the world’s largest and rarest flowering structures, the corpse flower is a pungent plant that blooms rarely and only for a short time. While it is in bloom, the flower emits a strong odor similar to rotting meat or, aptly, a decaying corpse. It produces a rotten meat like odor. Corpse flowers can be only found in few Islands of Indonesia, in low-lying rainforest areas.Corpse flowers are only blooms in every 30 or 40 years. The leaf of corpse flower grows up to the height of 20 feet. The flower of corpse flower appears to be green outside and dark red in inside. As it became very rare the botanical gardens where corpse flower grows mainly Sumatra gardens protected under law.

04. Yellow and Purple Lady Slippers


Yellow and purple lady slippers are the rare members of the orchid family located mainly in London and other areas of Europe. It is very rare to find out the combination of yellow and purple lady slippers.The yellow lady slipper can see in major part of the flower, almost 3/4th of total flower and also the remaining part is in purple color. As it is very rare and features incredible beauty yellow and purple lady slippers is very expensive in the market. So that Yellow and purple lady slipper is protected by law in London.

05. Youtan Poluo


The mysteries behind the growth and linking with the Buddhism makes youtan poluo to most focusing flower in the world. It is said to be youtan poluo will bloom every 3000 years. The stories have been said that blooming of youtan poluo is in indications of reincarnation of Buddha, that why it took long 3000 years for blooming.

Youtan poluo is not at all looking like a flower it is very tiny, produce odor like sandal wood. It was Mr. Ding a farmer of China is one who firstly discovered this amazing plant. Youtan poluo can be seen in China, Korea, Taiwan and in the US in rare times. There are many studies have been under going to find out the secret behind the growth of youtan poloa.

06. Parrot’s Beak


Parrots are often called hookbills, which is an avicultural term based on the shape of the beak or bill. This distinguishes parrots from softbills and other birds, such as doves and finches. The function of the parrot beak is for climbing, as well as manipulating and crushing objects.

Parrot’s beak is one of the most beautiful flowers ever we can found on this world native to the Canary Islands. It is the curvature of flower like parrot’s beak makes the plant more beautiful that bring that name. Parrot’s beak blooms best in the spring season in the full sun shine. But we are about to miss the beautiful parrot beak plant within a short time. Only a few members of the species exist in the world. The disappearance of parrot’s beak flowers started since 1884. The existing members of parrot’s beak in Canary Island are protected by law.

07. Chocolate Cosmos


Chocolate cosmos are one of the most beautiful and rare flowers native to Mexico. The plant is named after the odor of chocolate it produce on blooming. Chocolate cosmos has a deep red or brown color. It commonly blooms at evening time in end of summer. Unfortunately only a single clone of chocolate cosmos is exist today, causes by the vegetation reproduction that arise 100 years ago. The existing chocolate cosmos areas are protected by law.

08. Ghost Orchid


Ghost orchid is a rare spider web like flower located in Cuba and Florida. Ghost Orchid is only cultivated in few areas where the environments become suitable for its growth. It mainly causes the rarity of ghost orchid flower. A fascinating thing about ghost orchid is nothing but the plant has no leaves. It’s stem and flowers appear in green color and becomes very difficult to find out.

With the absence of leaves ghost, orchid can’t make its own food. It linked with another plant for getting sufficient energy. Ghost orchids only bloom for three weeks between April and August. Ghost orchids also produce soap like odor during blooming time. As ghost orchids need high temperature and high humidity for the growth it can’t be found other locations than Cuba and Florida.

09. Campion


Red campion occurs as either a biennial or a short-lived perennial herb. The flowers, which are present from May to July are pollinated by long-tonged bumblebees and hoverflies. The seeds ripen between June and August. As the scientific name dioica suggests, this species is dioecious, which means that individual plants bear either all male or all female flowers.

Campion or silene tomentosa only found in the territory of British called Gibraltar. Campion is a weak fragrance evening blooming flower with shorter life span. Interestingly in 1992 the botonical section of Gibraltar officially declared that there are no elements of campion flowers left and species became extinct. But after two years in 1994 a climber at cliffs of Gibraltar found that the Campion flowers still exist in inhospitable environments. Today Campion flowers are only found in botanical gardens of Gibraltar and London in very few numbers.

10. Kadupul Flower


Rareness and beauty are the main features that make kodupul flower so special. The rare flower mainly found in forests of Sri Lanka. Only a few people got chance to feel the beauty of kodupul flowers because they bloom only at mid night and perish before the dawn.

The blooming of kodupul flower will take place only under very specific circumstances. It is a very pleasant smelling flower and also one of most expensive flowers because of shorter life span. Until today no botanist can give correct explanation about the sudden death of kodupul flowers.

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