Headache (with Urdu)

About 90% of people with headaches suffer from migraines or tension headaches. Both types are not a consequence of other diseases, but the headaches are the disease itself These types of headaches are not dangerous, but can severely limit the quality of life of those affected.


Headaches can have many different causes and not infrequently also no reason for the complaints is found. The pain itself is caused by an irritation of the nerves in the head area. Thereby probably also the length of the blood vessels in the head plays a role.


Depending on the cause of headaches are described as pulsating, dull, oppressive, drilling, hammering or stabbing. You can either unilateral or bilateral. From chronic headaches is when they occur more than 15 days per month or more than 180 days a year.


Depending on whether the headaches occur along with other symptoms, or they are triggered by certain situations, stuck very different diseases behind it.

  1.  One of the most common types of headache is the tension headache. He usually begins in the neck, extends over the entire head and pulls up to the forehead region. Not infrequently he is accompanied by a strain of the neck muscles. Sufferers describe the pain, “as if a helmet on the head presses” or a “band was tied around the head.” Inducing effect often stress or prolonged activity, which leads to tension in the neck muscles.
  2.  When migraine is paroxysmal Headache attacks that cause usually unilateral pain. Not infrequently migraine attacks of nausea, light and noise sensitivity are accompanied.
  3.  If taken regularly, high doses of painkillers for years, then a drug induced headache developed as a result of an addiction to painkillers. Sufferers describe a diffuse, dull, oppressive chronic headache.
  4.  Are the headaches localized especially in the forehead and increase the pain in head tilt, it must be given to a sinus infection.
  5.  Headaches can also occur suddenly severely elevated blood pressure. Attacks occurring like facial pain, etc. For headaches, radiating from the neck, should be considered a change in the cervical spine. Even brain tumors may be associated with headache.


  1.  Often, rest, relaxation, fresh air and nicotine waiver helps. Cold or heat on forehead or neck have a soothing effect.
  2.  When Tension headache peppermint oil is a proven remedy a few drops are rubbed several times at intervals of about 15 minutes on the forehead and temples.
  3.  An incipient migraine can sometimes be interrupted by a hot shower. You should let the hot jet circling between the neck and hairline extensively.
  4.  Morning headaches are often caused by low blood pressure. Cold, hot showers or endurance sports stimulate the circulation. Strong coffee or espresso promote brain blood circulation and can ease the headache.
  5.  To avoid habituation, painkillers should not take longer than 3 days you. Sudden, violent headaches are an alarm signal, in this case, a doctor should be consulted.

The information provides only a brief description of the disease, which does not claim to be complete. It should not be a basis to even recognize or treat a disease. If the symptoms described occur in your area, contact your doctor or pharmacist.


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