Cyber War Between India and Pakistan

The war is just gone virtual between soldiers of both sides’ Cyber Army after the growth of tension across India Pakistan border. And it likely to become a horrific cyber war by ever passing days.
If we take a look in the past so we can observe that numerous cyber wars have been fought by cyber warriors of two countries over different issues.
Cyber War
Since 1947 the rivalry between these nuclear occupied countries are continued.
Matters like cricket or entertainment or the powerful armed forces and on the basis of this rivalry.
Many technology masters came into the ground to show their rule over internet.
A huge cyber war between India and Pakistan was fought in 1998.
Since then many Internet combat has been took place and result in a massive economical loss to the both sides of nation.


Cyber war or cyber attack is a series of hitting on different government and commercial venture.
Access them by means of virtual digital technology, giving severe injuries to the economical backbone of state. And many times the private or sensitive information leaked online.


However, the cyber attacks in India and Pakistan just ended up by hacking. These attacks infected the different sites of cross border. This don’t causes some serious terror among states.
The hackers involved cyber war between India and Pakistan usually hacks different government and institution website.
And then deleting their data, sometime data is stolen from these websites and sold to the black market.
During this process government websites, commercial venture site, banks, and other sites are infected.


For some recent days the tension is created on Pakistan India border.
In response to this, Indian hackers hacked some Pakistani websites including defacement of Colgate Palmolive site.
Cyber War
In the reply of this action, tens of thousands of Indian websites are already down with Pakistani Flag on their homepage.
Pakistani Hackers also showed their skills in the field of military.
They hacked the radio frequency of one of the jet planes of India. Compelled the pilots to listening the National songs of Pakistan include “Dil Dil Pakistan.”
No doubt, Pakistani Hackers are among the community of top Hackers in the world. These hackers surely know how to reply their enemies.
So, it’s just an advice from my side to India that do not try to mess with the Pakistanis. Whether on the border or in the cyber world, else you will certainly face defeat.

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