Motorway Lahore-Islamabad Closed for ‘High Mark’ PAF Exercise

High Mark Exercises

“High Mark” is the Pakistan Air Force’s largest and most comprehensive exercise and is held about every five years. The last exercise lasted for 40 days and covered air defenses across the entire country. Recently it has included army and naval units.

The High Mark drill is the most inclusive exercise done by Pakistan Air Force after every five years and it should be noted that the last exercise was held in 2010. Sometimes this exercises include some army and naval units as well.

High Mark Exercises on Motorway

On Thursday 22nd September 2016, the residents of Lahore to Islamabad region saw some F-16, F-7 and JF-17 air crafts airborne over their houses and landing to the Islamabad-Lahore motorway.

These amazingly super air crafts included Mirage are the vital assets to our PAF exotic fleet, and to saw these fighter planes above your house with naked eye makes everyone wondering about their appearance.

But wait on, these flowing jets has no connection with recent Indo-Pakistan tension over IOP (Indian Occupied Kashmir) but Pakistan Air force carried out its routine “High Mark” drill involving these air crafts.

Lahore Islamabad Motorway Closed

The Lahore-Islamabad motorway becomes the locale for this drill and has been closed for the same reason. The people of this area faced some real inconvenience. According to the officials the closure of motorway is for the sake of mass safety and to reduce the risk of property damage.

On the other hand some expertise linked this drill with the rising conflict between India and Pakistan, and dubbing it as a trailer of power for the Indian army and ruling elites.

Whatever the reason behind it doesn’t matter, but the real reason of these exercises should be to show off the ultimate in-built passion of Pakistan Air force to all the enemies of Pakistan.

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