42 Famous Pakistani Media Celebrities Died in 2012

Around 42 renowned Pakistani celebrities from Media Industry left us in 2012. Pakistani legend Actors, Actresses, Directors, Singers, Producers and comedian are among this list. Famous Legendary Lehri, Latif Charlie, Sikandar Sanam and Shahenshah Ghazal Mehdi Hassan among these Pakistani celebrities who are now not among us. Legendary Actor Lehri and Singer Mehdi Hassan, both Died in 2012 after prolonged illness. Lehri was on bed from 28 years while Comedian Sikandar Sanam death shocked his fans. He was famous for his stage shows and parody movies. Actor Ibrahim Nafees also died after long sickness. He played vital roles on TV and Films. He also worked for Radio.

Famous former lollywood actresses Salma Mumtaz and Tamanna Begum also left us in 2012. Famous TV Actress Tahira Wasti silent death was also happened in 2012. Chocolate Hero of Sindhi Movies, Mushtaq Changezi passed away, Pakistani media didn’t covered his death news properly. Film and TV Actor Ali Javed died due to heart attack.

Famous Novelist Razia also died, she also wrote many stories of lollywood movies. Famous Writer and Poet Obaidullah Baig death was great loss of Pakistani Literature World. Famous Qawwal Ali Muhammad Taji is also among these lists that are no more.

Musician Qamar Allah Ditta was killed in Karachi. Famous personality of Pakistan Theater Faizan Pirzada also left us in December 2012. Another famous poet Dr. Shabih Ul Hassan was gun downed in Lahore.

Urdu Poetess Samina Raja died from cancer at the age of just 51. Journalist Shafqat Tanvir Mirza died after long disease at age of 80. Another famous Dawn Newspaper Columnist Ardeshir Cowasjee passed Away in Karachi.

Complete list of these Celebrities are as follows:

  1. Actor Safirullah Siddiqui aka Lehri
  2. Ghazal Singer Mehdi Hassan
  3. Actor Ibrahim Nafees
  4. Actress Salma Mumtaz
  5. Actress Tamanna Begum
  6. Actress Tahira Wasti
  7. Comedian Babbu Baral [Correction: died in 2011]
  8. Comedian Mastana [Correction: died in 2011]
  9. Comedian Sikandar Sanam
  10. Famous Writer Razia Butt
  11. Writer and Poet Obaidullah Baig
  12. Rafi Pir Theater’s Director Faizan Pirzada
  13. Renowned poet and writer Zia Jalandhari
  14. Dawn Newspaper Columnist Shafqat Tanvir Mirza
  15. Another dawn Newspaper Columnist Ardeshir Cowasjee
  16. Columnist and Scholar Professor Muzaffar Mirza
  17. Senior Journalist Hamid Javed
  18. Senior Journalist Akbar Alam
  19. Geo News Senior Reporter Moin Ahmed
  20. Famous Comedian Majeed Zareef
  21. Actor Mushtaq Changezi
  22. Actress Sultana Zaman
  23. Singer Naseem Akhtar
  24. Famous Folk Singer Iqbal Bahoo
  25. Singer Master Manzoor
  26. Classical Singer Rasool Badshah
  27. Mamoona Kanwal
  28. Actor Altaf Khan
  29. Director Rasheed Dogar (Kohenoor TV Ramzan Incident)
  30. Director Akram Khan
  31. Drama Writer Zubair Abbasi
  32. Shahzad Aslam
  33. Famous Qawwal Ali Muhammad Taji
  34. Film Maker Shahid Malik
  35. Musician Qamar Allah Ditta
  36. Ustad Imtiaz Khan
  37. Folk Artist Allah Nawaz Khusro
  38. Play Writer and Journalist Asghar Butt
  39. Poet, Writer and Editor Azhar Javed
  40. Feminist Writer Hajra Masroor
  41. Poet Dr. Shabih Ul Hassan
  42. Urdu Poetess Samina Raja

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