10 Things Skinny Girls Hear in Pakistan

Here are the top ten things skinny girls hear in Pakistan.

1. Tum tou dhaancha ho

Skinny-Girls-Pakistan (2)

2. You should definitely pay a visit to a doctor. You are very weak.

Skinny-Girls-Pakistan (3)

3. Tum bachay kaisay paida karo gee ?

Skinny-Girls-Pakistan (2)

4. Tumhein tou bachpan kay kapray bi fit ajaein


‘I’m s00 hungry!’

5. Larkon ko dhanchay nahi pasand

Skinny-Girls-Pakistan (3)

6. Lagta hai hanger per kapray latkay huay hain

Skinny-Girls-Pakistan (1)

7. Your legs are like matchsticks

Skinny-Girls-Pakistan (5)

8. Tumhei tou ungli lagayi, tum gir paro gee

Skinny-Girls-Pakistan (4)

9. Tum khana khati nahi sungti ho

Skinny-Girls-Pakistan (6)

10. Meray kapron mei tumhari jaisi chaar paannch fit ajaein

Skinny-Girls-Pakistan (7)


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