15 Pakistani Divas That Make Our Heart Skip A Beat!

These dazzling beauties and seasoned entertainers have enthralled audiences with smoking hot looks and silky smooth personalities! Hearts skip a beat and pulses race as these Divas flaunt their way across catwalks. These incredibly talented Divas give a new meaning to the word “Pizzazz”! Ambassadors of Fashion Pakistan, we hope they keep the Pakistani culture alive on the international stage and keep being referred to as the flag-bearers of the fashion industry!

1. Amina Shaikh


Amina Shaikh is a woman of substance, a fashion diva who is an absolute icon of the industry! Apart from working in dramas and plays, she has been the mainstay of the fashion industry, modeled for high profile campaigns and editorial magazines. Just recently she won the Best Actress Award at the New York film festival, forging her legacy as “The Diva” of Pakistan.

2. Meera


Meera’s overwhelming presence always stuns us! A film actress, television presenter and a model, she has performed in Bollywood and is on the way to becoming a leading philanthropist of the country! Not someone to shy away from controversy, she is a Pakistani Diva in every sense of the word.

3. Sara Loren


Known as Mona Lizza Hussain, this Pakistani Diva has everything a woman could ask for…fame, style extravagant beauty and outstanding acting skills. With her dazzling looks, this newly crowned fashion icon has made her mark in Bollywood as well.

4. Iman Ali


Iman Ali is not just elegant and classy but she is one of the most sought after and highly thought of Divas in the Pakistan Fashion Industry. After claiming world recognition for her role in the art-house hit “Khuda Key Liye” she can be seen on international platforms modeling for some the biggest names in fashion!

5. Vaneeza Ahmad


A model and an actress, Vaneeza Ahmed a.k.a Vinny is one of the women who put Pakistan fashion on the map! A natural at what she does she delivers the very best on ramps as well as on camera. The woman has been ruling the roost for more than 15 years and epitomizes the word “Diva” like no other.

6. Mahnoor Baloch


Mahnoor is an American born Pakistani who achieved fame for her acting career on the silver screen. A model, a film director, she is the personification of elegance. An ageless beauty, she has been playing with our hearts for well over a decade.

7. Cybil


A calm and serene personality, this full time working mother has to be admired for what she is, a “Diva”. Cybil has amazed us with her dedication towards the fashion industry and ability to balance work and home which is a source of inspiration to all!

8. Ayyan Ali


When you look at her, a phrase comes to mind, “A thing of beauty is a joy forever!”. Ayyan with her Barbie doll looks has attracted brands, fashion moguls and photographers and from all over the Pakistan. Known for being modest, a hard worker and a professional, this stunning Diva has “earned” all the respect in the world.

9. Nadia Hussain


A breathtaking icon of Pakistan, Nadia Hussain takes to a ramp as fish takes to water. A multi-talented woman, she is an outstanding mother, a model who sets the ramp on fire, an actress, a host, a fashion designer and what’s more, she is a practicing dentist as well!

10. Amna Ilyas


This dusky beauty is as bold as they come and somebody who likes to play with fire. A model turned actress, she rose to fame due to her mind blowing performances in Zinda Bhag and Good Morning Karachi! She is the perfect little bombshell with all the right attributes rolled in to one.

11. Mehwish Hayat


The vibrant beauty has won many hearts for her modeling and acting chops. But she completely blew us out of the water with her performance in the item song “billi” in the Lollywood hit Na Maloom Afraad. A thoroughly committed and dedicated “Diva”, Mehwish has all the makings of an industry giant.

12. Mahira Khan


She started out as a VJ but has proved herself to be a successful television and film actress! Now a household name, she is easily one of the top divas of Pakistan. Her overwhelming beauty and girl-next-door cuteness has won a million hearts, leaving us awe-struck and completely lost for words.

13. Jia Ali


Style, grace and drop dead gorgeous! Modelling since 19, Gia Ali has been around for a long long time, yet every time she walks across a ramp, all eyes are glued on her. She is an international figure and is most known for a bold appearance in a commercial for Wrangler. A “Diva” to the core, Gia Ali is the woman for all seasons.

14. Mehreen Syed


She is tall, has dusky features, a perfect body and looks to kill. One of the most expensive models in Pakistan, or so is rumored, she is known to be a perfectionist. She is someone who will do all that it takes to be the one and all of the fashion industry, the hallmark of a “Diva”.

15. Rubab


An enthralling beauty with a golden heart, Rubab has impressed us not just with her good looks but by the fact that she is one of the most genuine and friendly people in the industry. Her work modelling in advertisements and music videos can best be described as mesmerizing!

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