Famous Pakistani Sisters of Showbiz And Media (with Photos)

There are many famous celebrity sisters in Pakistan Showbiz industry who have accompanied their sisters and made good name in this field. Here we are talking about some famous celebrity sisters of Pakistan showbiz who have been popular.

Benjamin Sisters:


Benjamin Sisters consists of 3 sisters namely “Nerissa”, “Beena” and “Shabana” who ruled the media as singers of 80’s were the well known celebrity sisters of Pakistan Showbiz at that time.

Bushra Ansari, Asma Abbas and Sumbul Raja:


Bushra Ansari, a Multi talented actress who performed serious and comedy play very well. Her sisters also entered in the showbiz world and have done good work in some drama serials.

Sadiya Imam and Aaliyah Imam:


Sadiya and Aaliyah made their debut with dramas of PTV. Bother are versatile and talented. Sadiya has also done many telefilms and tv commercials.

Sanam Baloch and Sabreen Hisbani:


Sanam Baloch and Sabreen Hisbani are undoubtedly very talented sisters. Both sisters have many successful works on their credit.

Syra yousuf and Alishba Yousuf:


Syra and Alishba are celebrity sisters of Pakistani Showbiz who have one thing in common that both are VJ turned actresses. Alishba and Syra started their career as VJs and also showed acting skills in Showbiz.

Urwa-tul-Vousqa and Mawra Hocane:


Urwa and Mawra are cute, stylish and talented actresses of Pakistan Showbiz. They have many popular dramas on their credit which have given both of them immense popularity. Both are more popular in Social Media too.

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