16 Parenting Hacks for Hassle-Free Parenting (with Photos)


Parenting, while infinitely rewarding and beautiful, can also be one of the hardest things to undertake. Whether it’s trying to clean up after their mess, getting them to eat veggies or driving them to classes and play dates, parenting can be quite the logistical nightmare. But not to worry! Here are 16 small life hacks that can help to make the day-to-day parenting struggle a little bit lighter.

1. Magnet Cups

1. Magnet Cups.

For kids who always manage to lose cups and want new ones, this is a great way to get cheap cups (from the Dollar Store) and to keep them nice and organized (as well as within reach!)

2. Plug up the Holes in Rubber Bath Toys with Hot Glue.

2. Plug up the holes in rubber bath toys with hot glue.

After a while, all rubber bath toys start to grow mold. To fix this, use a glue gun to shut that small hole at the bottom of toys, making them last longer and helping them stay mold-free!

3. Keep Lint Rollers in the Craft Room.

3.  Keep lint rollers in the craft room.

Every child goes through a phase where they love crafts and have an uncontrollable urge to throw glitter at everything and everyone. To ensure that this glitter-tastrophe can be taken care of, keep a lint roller nearby! It’s a great way to get rid of that excess glitter easily.

4. Baby Mop.

4. Baby Mop.

Okay, so this one is kind of a joke (but kind of not).

5. Use A Shower Caddy as A Food Tray.

5. Use a shower caddy as a food tray.

Everyone knows that children love to eat, especially if it’s on a road trip. Use a cheap shower caddy from any Dollar Store and hold everything neatly and cleanly!

6. Shower Hat.

6. Shower Hat.

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This hat does two things perfectly: makes sure that water doesn’t get into a baby’s eyes, and makes for one fashionable baby.

7. If Your Child has Difficulty Gripping Pencils, Use A Rubber Band.

7. If your child has difficulty gripping pencils, use a rubber band.

8. Lotion Faucet Extender

8. Lotion Faucet Extender

Most children have a hard time reaching the faucet. Use an old lotion container and cut out a simple extender so that the flow of water is within reach!

9. Sneak Alarm.

9. Sneak Alarm.

Whether it be for a teenager wanting to sneak out to that party or for a child wanting to sneak in a few late night candy treats, this is a fun way to catch them red-handed.

10. Forget-Me-Not Mittens.

10. Forget-Me-Not Mittens.

An adorable way to make sure that they never get lost on a cold day!

11. Tooth Fairy Money.

11. Tooth Fairy money.

Every child should have a wondrous dose of magic in their lives. So why not help them out and make this authentic money straight from the tooth fairy’s pocket?

12. Baby Scooter Strollers

12. Baby Scooter Strollers

Who says arriving with your baby means not arriving in some throw-back style? (Plus, this is a great way for some exercise!)

13. The Dot Method for Helping You and Your Kids Organize Their Clothes.

13. The Dot Method for helping you and your kids organize their clothes.

For those with more than one child, it can be quite difficult pulling clothes out of the laundry and sorting them. To make this easier, use the dot method, using the number of dots to signify whose clothing it is! It’s quick and simple too!

14. Sticker Clues for Shoes.

14. Sticker clues for shoes.

Although it seems crazy now, we all had a time when we had trouble figuring out which shoe went on which foot. To help your children through this, cut a sticker in half and place each half in each shoe so that your child knows which foot goes where!

15. Make A Stair Slide.

15. Make a stair slide.

If you’re careful, getting some cardboard from the packaging of some large appliance can make for quite the fun stair slide.

16. Use A Lock to Keep Kids from Getting Into Any Electrical Accidents.

16. Use a lock to keep kids from getting into any electrical accidents.

To make sure that your children don’t get into any electrical accidents, use a small lock!

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