17 Secrets Hidden Across the Internet You May Not Have Ever Seen (Photos)

The internet is a truly amazing place, and it’s even more incredible when you start to find all the fun little things hidden on websites meant for you to find.

1. The Konami code is featured on plenty of websites, including some you might not expect it, like British Vogue

The Konami code ... British Vogue

2. If you’re using Chrome and you can’t connect to the internet, you actually have a game built in.

Just hit the space bar to play the dino game in your browser while waiting for it to load.

3. This Hema product page contains a pretty incredible Rube Goldberg

it’s pretty fun to watch.

4. Next time you’re using Google Hangouts, there are a few commands that make some fun changes, like /bikeshed to change the background color

Or /ponystream for My Little Ponies invading your screen

And of course, because it’s Google and they love dinos, try /shydino

5. Digg has the biggest Rickroll on the internet when you use the Konami code over there

5 Digg has the biggest Rickroll ... Konami Code

(Again, in case you forgot, that’s up + up + down + down + left + right + left + right + b + a)

6. Try to get walking directions from “The Shire” to “Mordor”

6 Walking Directions ... The Shire to Mordor

You’ll be reminded that “One does not simply walk into Mordor.”

7. Dr. Who fans take note, if you go to street view at Earl’s Court Road, you’ll find a blue police box that looks awfully familiar…

7 Dr. Who fans take note

When you get close to it, click the X on the ground outside and

Well, it’s bigger on the inside…

7.2 Well, it's bigger on the inside...

8. On the IMDb page for This Is Spinal Tap, the rating goes up to 11, instead of the normal 10

8 IMDb page ... This Is Spinal Tap 1984

9. In Google Image search, search for “Atari Breakout” and you’ll be able to play that

9 Google Image search ... Atari Breakout

10. If you’re looking to have a little fun on Facebook, you can change the language setting to “English (Pirate)”

10 Facebook Change the Language Setting to English (Pirate)

11. If you go to the Black Acre Brewing website and say you’re under 21, you’re in for a surprise

11 Black Acre Brewing website

Check that out

12. If you take a look at the app updates from Spotify, you’ll find some pretty funny fake changes made with each update

12 App updates from Spotify

13. The online comic XKCD once published coordinates and a date, and hundreds of people showed up to the location on the date

13 The online comic XKCD

The comic “Dream Girl” directed people to a park in Cambridge where people camped out and the author came and signed autographs at the unofficial meetup.

14. If you open up Firefox and type in “about:mozilla” in the address bar, you’ll get this message

14 Firefox ... type in aboutmozilla

15. And if you type in “about:robots” you’ll get some useful information about robots

15 Firefox ... type in aboutrobots

16. The globe used for Facebook notifications looks different depending on where you are in the world

16 The globe used for Facebook notifications

The top is what the globe looks like if you’re in Europe, whereas the bottom is what it looks like in the Americas

17. A running joke in Arrested Development was Tobias leaving blue marks all over the house…

17.1 A running joke in Arrested Development

And when Netflix was promoting the new season of Arrested Development and you searched blue…

17.2 A running joke in Arrested Development ... And when Netflix was promoting the new season

This one is a pretty amazing, and subtle piece of marketing by the team at Netflix. Unfortunately, it’s not available anymore.

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