18 Creative Street ADS That You Won’t Forget.

In such a hectic world it is quite difficult to grasp someone’s attention. Advertisers are using their ingenuity to capture audiences in different mediums. The intention is to make you stop and make you want to purchase a product, adopt an idea or support a cause. Here are some examples of attention-grabbing street advertisements.

1. Water Warning.


2. Optical Illusion.

ADS_InfoMazzaDotCom (1)

3. The Benefits of Milk.

ADS_InfoMazzaDotCom (2)

4. Neglect is A Form of Child Abuse.

ADS_InfoMazzaDotCom (3)

5. Simply Buckle Up.

ADS_InfoMazzaDotCom (4)

6. When Competitors Get Cheeky.

ADS_InfoMazzaDotCom (5)

7. In A Maze.

ADS_InfoMazzaDotCom (6)

8. Speeding is Just Not Worth It.

ADS_InfoMazzaDotCom (7)

9. Smoking Wheels.

ADS_InfoMazzaDotCom (8)

10. Powerful Bite.

ADS_InfoMazzaDotCom (9)

11. Childhood Flashback.

ADS_InfoMazzaDotCom (10)

12. Childhood Flashback.

ADS_InfoMazzaDotCom (11)

13. Television Show.

ADS_InfoMazzaDotCom (12)

14. Frightful Through the Lens.

ADS_InfoMazzaDotCom (13)

15. Snack Time.

ADS_InfoMazzaDotCom (14)

16. A Macabre Way to Show How Effective the Blades Are.

ADS_InfoMazzaDotCom (15)

17. A Sundial for What You Need to Eat.

ADS_InfoMazzaDotCom (16)

18. Point Made.

ADS_InfoMazzaDotCom (17)

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