10 Things You Must Do If You Are In Islamabad

Quite justly known as the City of Peace, Islamabad really lets you escape the daily hustle bustle of life and enjoy a relaxing and peaceful time in its calm and tranquil environment.

It’s not just peaceful; Islamabad is a beautiful city with scenic views of the Margalla hills, lush greenery, lakes, and much more. If you are visiting the beautiful capital of Pakistan, make sure you don’t miss these places.

1- A Spiritual Visit to the Faisal Mosque

1- A spiritual visit to the Faisal Mosque

I am sure we all have seen Pakistan’s largest mosque in our textbooks but it’s a totally different experience when you visit the beautiful mosque in real. It looks more stunning at night when accentuated with exquisite lighting. If you are in a good mood, enter the mosque, perform ablution, offer prayer, and escape to a spiritual world you will not want to come back from. This is called the ultimate relaxation!

2- Lunch at the Monal Restaurant, Pir Sohawa

2- Lunch at The Monal Restaurant, Pir Sohawa

Pir Sohawa, a rapidly developing tourist resort at a 3000ft. elevation, offers striking views of the entire city. The Monal Restaurant is the most famous spot where you can enjoy a delicious lunch while treating your eyes to a scenic and lush background. And while you are driving up there, make sure to take some snacks for monkeys that come out of the wild to give you an unforgettable experience.

3- A Visit to the Daaman-e-Koh

3- A visit to the Daaman-e-Koh

When driving up Pir Sohawa, make sure you stop at the hilltop garden, Daaman-e-Koh, which offers utmost serenity surrounded by the lush Margalla hills and panoramic views of the Islamabad city. Telescopes are installed for keen observers. Visit the place during winter to have some fun with monkeys too. Plus, there is a plan to start a chairlift from Daaman-e-Koh to Pir Sohawa so, keep your eye on the news and make sure it is on your wish list.

4- Picnic at the Lake View Park, Rawal Lake

4- Picnic at The Lake View Park, Rawal Lake

The Rawal Lake is an artificial lake made by the Rawal Dam. The Lake View Park, which is located alongside the Rawal Lake is a beautiful picnic spot for the entire family. If the weather is good and you are in the mood for a day out with family or friends, just pack some food in a picnic basket and get ready for an escape. They not only offer a scenic background of the beautiful lake but also offer various activities like boating, bird watching, wildlife experience, walking paths and much more.

5- Have An Unforgettable Experience at the Bird Aviary, Lake View Park

5- Have an unforgettable experience at The Bird Aviary, Lake View Park

The newly made Bird Aviary in the Lake View Park deserves a separate mention in the list because of the extraordinary experience it provides. Enjoy a walk through the park with over 300 species and 4000 birds flying freely there. Don’t forget to bring your camera!

6- Go Hiking in the Margalla Hills

6- Go hiking in the Margalla Hills

If you are in the mood for a little adventure in the city, go for hiking to the Margalla hills. The best path is from the zoo to Daman-e-Koh. Make sure the weather is pleasant to enjoy a good time.

7- A Visit to the Shakar Parian Hills

7- A visit to the Shakar Parian Hills

Shakar Parian hills located near zero point is a must visit tourist spot offering panoramic views of the Islamabad city, lush greenery, terraced gardens surrounded with beautiful pine trees, and blooming flowers. If you want to capture some great photos, this is the place to be. The West View Point of the Shakar Parian gardens is where you can witness the magnificent Pakistan monument representing the diverse culture and history of Pakistan.

8- Go Shopping and Lots of Fun at the Centaurus Mall

8- Go Shopping and Lots of Fun at The Centaurus Mall

Whether you want to shop the best Pakistani or international brands or want some excitement in the otherwise peaceful environment of the city, the Centaurus Mall is the place to be. It houses one of the best cinemas in town to enjoy a good movie with crunchy pop corns. And the fun doesn’t end here; there is a large Fun City on the top floor with a number of exciting rides for the whole family. And if you are talking food, the huge food court won’t let you stay hungry.

9- Escape to the Rose & Jasmine Garden

9- Escape to the Rose & Jasmine Garden

If you are fond of roses and jasmines, the Rose & Jasmine Garden gives you the perfect opportunity to escape in the fragrance of lovely flowers blooming all over the place. Enjoy picturesque sights of a huge variety of roses and many other flowers. In the mood for a little romance? This place is where you need to be.

10- Enjoy a Cup of Tea at the Chaaye Khana

10- Enjoy a cup of tea at the Chaaye Khana

Whether you are an avid tea drinker or not, enjoying an aromatic cup of tea with friends or family is the perfect idea of spending an evening. Chaaye Khana offers a range of tea options; and no, they don’t serve tea bags in hot water.

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