10 Advantages of Wearing Hijaab

  1. You please Allah plus You get reward InshaAllah.
  2. It is Allah’s protection of Your natural beauty. You are too precious to be “on display” for each man to see.
  3. AdvantagesOfHijab

  4. It is Allah’s preservation of our chastity.
  5. Allah purifies Your heart and mind through the Hijaab.
  6. Allah beautifies Your inner and outer countenance with Hijaab.
  7. Allah defines Your femininity through the Hijaab. Allah wants You to be respected by others, and for You to respect Yourself.
  8. Allah raises Your dignity through the Hijaab – when stranger looks at You, he respects You because he sees that You respect Yourself.
  9. Allah protects Your honour 100% through Your Hijaab. Men do not gaze, approach or speak to You in a sensual way.
  10. AdvantagesOfHijab (2)

  11. Allah gives You nobility through the Hijaab. You are noble not degraded because You are Covered, not Naked.
  12. Allah demonstrates Your equality as a Muslim woman through the Hijaab. Your lord bestows upon You equal worth as Your male counterpart, and gives You a host of beautiful rights and liberties.

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