15 Herbal Teas That Can Heal You

Herbal teas are known to be soothing and relaxing. If you’re not a big fan of drinking water throughout the day (and it is recommended to drink at least 1.5 l a day), drinking warm teas can be the perfect solution for you. They are also good as a homemade remedy for cold and other health conditions. By drinking tea, we are eliminating the toxins out of our bodies but also, we are able to enjoy in all kinds of natural flavors. There are some herbal teas, however, that are better than others, and if you discover a few that are best for your condition, you can go a long way with them. Teas are a great substitute for coffee, so all you coffee addicts out there, start with replacing one afternoon coffee with a herbal tea, and you will certainly sleep better.

Nettle Tea


Nettle tea is made with the leaves of stinging nettle. This name comes from the tiny hairs on the fresh nettle leaves that can sting your skin. But, once nettle is dried, it’s perfectly safe for touching and drinking. Even though you might think nettle has a rough appearance, it is actually one of the nature’s best remedies for many conditions, including anemia, arthritis, high blood pressure, rheumatism, congestion but also, kidney and bladder problems.

Chamomile Tea


Chamomile tea is one of the most popular teas worldwide. It is known to be very soothing for the stomach, and it relieves indigestion and bloating problems. Chamomile tea will calm your mind and help you relax on a more natural way. However, some people are allergic to chamomile, and they should of course avoid drinking it. If you have problems with sleep, try drinking a cup of tea before going to bed.

Peppermint Tea


It’s hard to find someone who doesn’t like drinking peppermint tea. Peppermint is a fragrant herb that helps digestion and reduces flatulence and many digestive problems. Peppermint is also prescribed to people with irritable bowel syndrome. If you are experiencing some nausea problems, especially motion sickness, try drinking peppermint tea. It also soothes the severity of herpes outbreak.

Ginger Tea


How often do you drink ginger tea? After you read how healing it is, you might consider drinking it a bit more often. Ginger is known as an energizer and a strong stimulator. When you drink ginger tea, it stimulates and soothes your digestive system in the same time. Also, people who experience nausea frequently should drink ginger tea. Because if its anti-inflammatory properties, arthritic people find ginger tea very helpful.

Lavender Tea


When you think of lavender tea, what is the first thing you think about? Dried purple, pink and white flowers, and beautiful fragrance? That’s right. Lavender is often used as a scented herb, but its medicinal uses have been appreciated for centuries. This herbal tea is soothing and it induces sleep. Also, if you are feeling depressed, a cup of lavender tea can uplift your spirit! Stomach troubles, cough, bronchitis, asthma can be treated with lavender tea as well.

Lemon Balm Tea


Lemon balm tea is very refreshing. It is also a very effective way to calm your nerves and anxiety! Even its tea bags can help- cold lemon balm tea bags can help relieve cold sores or even genital sores caused by the herpes virus. You can mix lemon balm leaves with some Valerian in order to treat anxiety and stress. Lemon balm also has properties that regulate the thyroid. When mixes with peppermint, this tea can calm an upset stomach.

Rosemary Tea


If you use rosemary while cooking, then you are very well acquainted with its benefits for making food. However, rosemary tea is a healthy and beneficial way to make your muscles happy. Rosemary helps muscles relax and it is effective when it comes to digestive system. Also, if you have bladder and liver problems, this herbal tea is the right solution for you. It is beneficial to mild asthma and cough symptoms.

Hibiscus Flower Tea


Hibiscus flower tea is another very popular herbal tea. Not only it has a very exotic taste and smell, it is also known to lower blood pressure and strengthen the immune system, since it is rich in Vitamin C. Additionally, hibiscus flower infusions are good for reducing hypertension and high cholesterol. Some studies have even shown that hibiscus tea is very rich in antioxidants, therefore it protects the body against free radicals.

Cardamom Tea


Cardamom plant grows in India and Guatemala. This beautiful plant has white flowers, which are then dried and used for making tea. Also, its aromatic seeds can be used for tea preparations. People love cardamom tea because of its sweet and aromatic flavor. However, this herbal tea is good for your health, so you can use it to prevent stomach pain and reduce nausea. If you drink too much coffee, a couple of cups of this tea can help you eliminate caffeine from your system.

Green Tea


Green tea is very healthy. Especially for the past few years, people have started drinking green tea because of its health benefits. Drinking green tea can lower cancer risks and it inhibits carcinogenic in cigarettes. Also, this wonder herb stops certain tumors from forming. Green tea helps lowering cholesterol and triglyceride levels and therefore is very good to your heart and mind.

Rosehip Tea


Rosehip tea is probably one of the most beautiful teas out there. Rosehips are actually the fruits of the rose plant. They are also one of the best sources of Vitamin C among the plants! That’s why it is very beneficial to the immune system, tissue health, adrenalin function, but also, your skin. So next time you feel like you need some health boost, reach for the rosehip tea, and you will feel better.

Milk Thisle Tea


Milk thistle may sound like something with milk, but you don’t have to add some milk to it if you don’t like it (or if you’re not from UK). Milk thistle herb, when consumed as a tea, is a very gentle and effective liver cleanser. This herb contains properties that help the liver regenerate and work better. By drinking this tea, you are also helping your digestive process, thanks to better bile production.

Echinacea Tea


Echinacea is known as a healthy plant. It is also used to prevent a range of conditions, from cold to pain relieving. This powerful herb contains active substances that enhance the activity of your immune system and reduce inflammation. Echinacea also has antioxidant effects, so it is beneficial to your general health. Its leaves and flowers are believed to contain polysaccharides that are known to boost the immune system.

Lemongrass Tea


Lemongrass plant contains that citrusy tang that is very well appreciated in cooking but also, as a tea. Lemongrass teas are usually served after dinner in order to help digestion. This herbal tea is beneficial to your stomach thanks to a substance called citral, which is an active ingredient in lemon peels as well. People usually drink this tea without adding other herbs, but you can blend it to create other lemon flavored teas like Lemon Zinger.

Blackberry Tea


As you can see in the picture, blackberry leaves tea can be used as a delicious ice tea as well. Blackberry leaves are actually the essence of the most berry-flavored teas. The leaves get picked and dried in the sun, and afterwards infused with boiling water. Blackberry leaves contain a healthy dose of flavonoids, a substance known for its antioxidant activities and therefore, they are good for your immune system.

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