Health Benefits of Salat (Namaz)

Salat is one of the five fundamental requirements that a Muslim is obligated to perform. Salat is given the highest priority in the Holy Quran and Hadees. There are many health benefits of Salat described in the Book of Allah. We are discussing here some Health Benefits of Salat (Namaz).

health benefits of salat

Some Arthopedic Benefits of Salat

A Muslim who offers salat regularly has very little chance of getting arthritis as we exercise our bones and joints while we offer salat.

Regular exercise reduces cholesterol in the body. Cholesterol causes heart failure, strokes, diabetes, and many other ailments. It is a known fact that people in professions where exercise is required have less amount of cholesterol in their bodies.

Salat as an Excercise

Salat is an excellent form of exercise to prevent indigestion. In the morning when the stomach is empty, a Muslim is required to offer a fewer number of Rak’aat whereas in the evening after dinner we offer an extra number of Rak’aat and it’s good for health.

By offering Takbir at the beginning of salat, we move hand and shoulder muscles thereby increasing the flow of blood towards the torso. Akamat performs a similar function.

The most important function in salat is sajdah, where we touch the ground with our forehead. This posture increases the fresh supply of blood to our brain. Needless to say in certain forms of yoga some adherents stand on their heads for the same purpose.

health benefits of salat

In tashah’hud position, our hip, elbow, knee joints, backbone, and wrist joints move in a way that provides a form of relaxation to our entire body. Pressure is applied to the body parts as if it was a kind of massage that releases tension.

The heart is the most important organ in the body. It supplies fresh blood to all body tissues. These body movements performed during salat are an excellent source of exercise for our heart as well.

health benefits of salat

A remarkable tissue in our body is cartilage. It is unique in being a living tissue with no direct blood supply. The only way it receives nutrients and oxygen is by movements of the joints. The pumping effect forces blood into the joint area which would otherwise be bypassed. Those who sit at the terminals are in greater danger of ending up with dead cartilage tissues that will subsequently wear away. This will leave us with arthritis, painful joints, and paralysis.

Bacteria and viruses find safe haven in joints for this reason as no blood cell can get at them and in most cases neither can antibodies. Salat, therefore, has many orthopedic benefits for all Muslims.

Next time you offer salat, thank Almighty Allah that He made you a Muslim. Indeed, there is a cure in salat.

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